Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Deluxe 14-Cup Food Processor Review

Bottom Line

For most cooking tasks, the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Deluxe 14-Cup Food Processor can't match the performance of pricier, top-rated machines. However, it delivers decent performance and ease of use at a hard-to-beat price. If you're willing to deal with the hassle of handling it extra carefully to avoid spills, this basic model is a good budget pick.

ProsVersatile, Accepts whole foods, Large capacity, Dishwasher safe partsConsTricky latch, Leakage issues

Breaking it down


Not as quick as some, but users don't care. At most kitchen tasks -- grating, slicing, chopping, grinding and making pizza dough -- the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Deluxe's performance is perfectly adequate. A few users mention that it can take a bit longer to process foods, but most don't mind. Owners at Amazon.com say it handles a variety of tasks well, including shredding cheese, grating cabbage, slicing veggies and mixing dough for banana bread. They also like the French fry disc, a feature most models don't include. The vast majority are thrilled, saying that they feel like they got a great value, especially considering the 14-cup capacity. It seems most popular with those who need a food processor for more basic uses, or don't use it every day.

Ease of use

Assembly is a snap, but might not be sealed. One professional source specifically praises the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth's well-labeled blades and lock/unlock markings. Owners at Amazon.com appreciate the wide feed tube and suction-cup feet, which help hold it securely in place during use. They also say it's very easy to assemble. The biggest problem most reviewers have with the Big Mouth Deluxe is that the center hole is not much deeper than the processing bowl, leaving a gap from which liquids can escape. Many others note that, with careful handling, you can work around that. The one other issue we saw was that the latch that locks the "mouth" into place can be fiddly and you have to get it just right before the machine will engage.


Solid and stable. The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Deluxe gets great reviews for durability, with reviewers saying it's sturdy, stable and seems well-made. The included parts fit into place well, without any wobbling. We saw several reviews from people with large households or who have had this food processor for a few years, and they say it holds up very well. The suction cup feet, which keep the food processor from "walking" across the counter, are particularly popular because reviewers say they seem to add stability. Some reviewers say that the plastic of the latch seems flimsy and they're afraid to use too much force to get it in place. Some also complain that the food processor is loud on its higher speed settings, but most say it's not bad. It comes with a one-year warranty.

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