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Food Processors: Ratings of Sources

1. Food Processors and Choppers, Editors of, Not Dated
For this report, the team of professional testers at put quite a few food processors and food choppers through their paces, chopping, slicing, shredding, pureeing and grating. They also tested noise levels and ease of use -- noting weights of the machines as well. Each machine is assigned a rating, and the chart shows the ranking of each food processor as it compares to the others tested. There are also designations for "Recommended" and "Best Buy."
2. The Best Food Processor, Christine Cyr Clisset, June 15, 2015
In the original version of this test, Christine Cyr Clisset used research and expert reviews to narrow down her search for a full-size food processor to five models that went into testing. This update keeps those original picks, but also adds mini food processors to the testing. Ultimately, two Cuisinart models come out on top, the Custom 14-cup Food Processor and the Mini-Prep Plus.
3. Cook's Illustrated Food Processors, Editors of Cook's Illustrated, Update: January 2013
Editors at Cook's Illustrated magazine updated this report (originally published in November 2010) to add two popular food processors to the testing cycle. Most of the food processors perform pretty well, and performance seems to fall along the lines of price -- more expensive models do better than cheap models. The ultimate winner is a mid-priced food processor.
4. Good Housekeeping Best Food Processors, Editors of Good Housekeeping, Not Dated
Testers at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute round up their picks for the top five food processors; the list includes a variety of sizes and price classes. Their testing included julienning potatoes, chopping onions, slicing tomatoes and pepperoni, shredding mozzarella, and kneading pizza dough. Reviews are brief, but highlight each food processors strengths and weaknesses. Elsewhere on this site, a video review of manual food choppers is available.
5. Food Processors, Contributors to, As of November 2015
Credibility: sells hundreds of food processors and mini choppers, some of which receive reviews from hundreds of users. Choices include traditional, full-sized food processors, mini processors and choppers and baby food makers. Reviews can be sorted by date, helpfulness or overall star rating, and many comments here are highly detailed. This is an excellent resource for determining the long-term durability of food processors, as many owners come back after months or years to provide updates.
6. Food Processors, Contributors to, As of November 2015
Credibility: is a great resource for food processor reviews, especially less expensive brands such as Hamilton Beach, Black & Decker, Ninja and other lower-cost models that might not get reviews or much in the way of user feedback elsewhere. Most food processors listed here have a lot of reviews, dozens to hundreds, and many are thorough and give a good overview of performance and durability.
7. Food Processors, Contributors to, As of November 2015
Credibility: doesn't sell nearly as many food processors as either or, only 31 results come up in a search, and the results are dominated by Cuisinart -- which is not necessarily a bad thing because Cuisinart dominates in the world of food processors. This is a great resource for detailed reviews of various Cuisinart models, and it includes the percentage of people who would recommend the product to a friend.
8. Food Processors, Contributors to, As of November 2015
Credibility: carries a number of food processors from major manufacturers such as Cuisinart, Breville, KitchenAid, and others. There are fewer reviews overall, but people who shop here tend to be very knowledgeable cooks, and the reviews reflect that -- many offer demographic information such as cooking skill level. This site also notes how many reviewers would recommend the product.
9. Food Processors, Contributors to, As of November 2015
Credibility: is an interesting place to find reviews because it does not sell products or limit itself to any particular type of product, it's simply a place where people can leave reviews of a wide variety of products and services. Quite a few food processors are here, and many are niche models that either have very few reviews elsewhere, or none at all. Ratings are on a 5-star scale and there are several highly-rated food processors.