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Freezers: Ratings of Sources

Total of 9 Sources
1. ConsumerReports.org
Last updated March 2011
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentThe editors of ConsumerReports.org evaluate around 50 stand-alone freezers, including self-defrosting uprights, manual uprights and chest freezers. Each freezer is rated on its temperature control, energy efficiency, noise level and ease of use. Some of the freezers have been lab-tested, while others are rated based on their similarity to the tested models. The site also provides a detailed buyer's guide that covers types of freezers and how to choose the one that's right for you.
2. HHGregg.com
As of October 2013
by Contributors to HHGregg.com
Our AssessmentOnly a few freezers are sold at this retail site, but those few have lots of user reviews. Searching the site is easy, too, with the number of reviews and overall rating for each product shown on the main search page. Also, like Lowes.com, this site lists the most commonly cited pros and cons for each freezer, so you can take in the gist of the reviews at a glance.
3. HomeDepot.com
As of October 2013
Freezers and Ice Makers
by Contributors to HomeDepot.com
Our AssessmentWe found a larger volume of user reviews for specific models at Home Depot's website than at any other site. Although the selection of freezers is fairly small, a few models receive literally hundreds of positive reviews. Six freezers (four chest models and two uprights) earn high overall scores from 150 users or more. Reviews range from perfunctory to detailed, and the site displays overall ratings for features, efficiency, quality and value.
4. Sears.com
As of October 2013
Freezers and Ice Makers
by Contributors to Sears.com
Our AssessmentMore than 350 chest and upright freezers are sold at Sears.com, but fewer than 50 receive any user feedback. We found more reviews for upright freezers but higher overall ratings for chest freezers. Searching the site can be a bit of a nuisance, but it is the only retail site with reviews of Kenmore freezers, which aren't sold elsewhere. All of the top-rated freezers here are from Kenmore.
5. RCWilley.com
As of October 2013
by Contributors to RCWilley.com
Our AssessmentRCWilley.com offers only a limited selection of freezers, and most of them have only a few reviews, if any. Searching through comments is a hassle, too, as you have to click on each product to see how many ratings it has received. Still, this site is a good backup resource for user reviews, especially if you're interested in a Frigidaire freezer, the most popular brand here.
6. AJMadison.com
As of October 2013
by Contributors to AJMadison.com
Our AssessmentAJMadison.com sells over 150 freezers, including both upright and chest models. The site makes it easy to sort the products with the most and best reviews, so you needn't waste your time wading through pages of unhelpful information. We found strong recommendations here for two smaller GE chest freezers.
7. ABT.com
As of October 2013
by Contributors to Abt.com
Our AssessmentAbt.com is an online appliance retailer that allows consumers to rate products and post reviews. More than 60 freezers are listed for sale here, but only a handful of them receive more than 10 reviews. Most reviews are just a few lines long, but it's easy to sort them by date, rating or helpfulness. We found one GE chest freezer and two Frigidaire uprights with strong overall ratings.
8. GEAppliances.com
As of November 2013
by Contributors to GEAppliances.com
Our AssessmentGE (General Electric) is an appliance manufacturer that makes both chest and upright freezers of various sizes. There are a decent number of reviews on their websites of the most popular freezers, and the reviews tend to be honest and detailed. A helpful "ratings snapshot" sorts the reviews by rating, including overall, appearance, features, performance, quality and value. There are not as many reviews as at some sites, but what is there is useful.
9. Energy.gov
As of October 2013
Freezers for Consumers
by Editors of EnergyStar.gov
Our AssessmentThis site offers a great deal of information on how to save energy and money when buying products for the home. There are frequent updates regarding the energy efficiency of appliances, including freezers. If you have particular models in mind, you can check the easy-to-use charts listing brand, model number and energy usage. However, the site does not recommend or rate any particular freezer models.

Freezers Runners Up:

Kenmore 16922 Est. $325

2 picks including: Sears.com, ConsumerReports.org…

Kenmore Elite 28712 Est. $700

2 picks including: Sears.com, ConsumerReports.org…

GE FCM5SUWW Est. $175

2 picks including: HomeDepot.com, ABT.com…

GE FCM5SUWW 5.0 cu. Ft. Chest Freezer - White
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