80 percent AFUE Gas Furnace

Updated November 30, 2014
80 percent AFUE gas furnace

Bottom line

If you live in a milder climate, experts say you should consider a less efficient (and less expensive) 80 percent AFUE furnace. Although condensing furnaces, which range from 90 to 97 percent AFUE, waste less heat, experts say it might be overkill for homes that are considered high-performance (that is, very energy efficient) or that are located where winters are milder. In fact, some HVAC experts say an 80 percent AFUE furnace is more efficient if it's the proper size for the home, as opposed to a possibly oversized 90 percent condenser furnace.

ProsCost-effective in milder climates, Less expensive than condensing gas furnaces, May be best for high-performance homesConsHigher operating costs, More CO2 emissions