Chamberlain PD752D Review

Best chain-drive garage door opener

  • Powerful motor
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Quiet for a chain-drive opener
  • Louder than a belt-drive opener
  • Installation challenges
  • May be missing parts
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Bottom line

If you have a big, heavy garage door, you're going to need the horsepower to lift it. The 3/4-horsepower Chamberlain PD752D has power to spare for even heavy residential garage doors. It's also feature packed.


Relatively quiet, for a chain driven opener. Most owners say the Chamberlain PD752D is fairly quiet. We found a fair number of complaints about noise, but chain-driven garage door openers are in general the loudest type of opener. The least happy owners seem to be those owners who  were used to the noise (or lack thereof) of a belt-drive opener

Ease of Installation

Although you can install the Chamberlain PD752D, it may be a challenge. Estimates of total install time vary widely from about four to six hours, with several owners saying the job will go much faster if you have a helper. It's worth noting that if your garage door is taller than 7 feet, you will need an extension kit; they cost about $50 for 8-foot doors and $80 for 10-foot doors. "It's not a great project for a beginner unless you're very committed and well-tooled," writes one reviewer, who said he needed two stepladders, a wrench set, a socket set and a power drill with a bit set to install the garage door opener. We also saw several comments that said components were either missing or wrong in the carton, so it pays to inventory everything before you begin. If you would rather not deal with the hassles of an installation, most retailers can refer you to an installer. Another option is the LiftMaster 8587; made by Chamberlain, it is identical to the PD752D and available through local dealer-installers. You can get a list of those in your area at the LiftMaster site.


Strong but not smooth. Power-for-value is one of the Chamberlain PD752D's best characteristics. One reviewer reports that "it opens our heavy garage door every time" after he upgraded from a 1/3-horsepower garage door opener that couldn't handle his heavy, folding metal-and-wood door when it got waterlogged. Another says that the PD752D performs very well with a very heavy, 18-foot-by-8-foot door with high-wind bracing.

Although most reviews are positive, we do see some concerns over a tendency toward bucking and jerky operation, even after adjusting the tension on the chain. (One reviewer illustrates this with a video of the PD752D in full, jerky operation.) Although the Chamberlain PD752D is powerful enough to lift heavy doors -- jerky or not -- we found a few complaints that it's not notably faster than other garage door openers.

Ownership experience

Feature packed. The features line up is impressive for a garage door opener in this price class. In particular, owners like the motion-detecting light that automatically switches on when you enter the garage and the twin 100W bulbs that offer plenty of light and stay on for five minutes after the last motion is detected. A wireless outdoor keypad is included along with two remote controls, and the system uses rolling codes to prevent criminals from identifying the code transmitted from remote to receiver and using it to enter your house. Reviewers also say that it's easy to add extra remote controls to your system, although they struggle to program HomeLink units to work with the Chamberlain Power Drive PD752D and, in at least a few cases, they gave up. The opener also supports Chamberlain's MyQ technology, which lets you monitor and control the PD752D from a smartphone or tablet. However, activating that feature requires the purchase of a Chamberlain CIGBU MYQ Internet Gateway (Est. $45).

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About 190 users review the Chamberlain PD752D, giving it a 4.5-star overall rating. One of the reviewers says this is a good product but it tends to jerk when operating; one posts a video showing the garage door's jerky movement. Most, but not all, are pleased and surprised by how quiet this opener is, especially when compared to screw-drive and other chain-drive openers.

Review: Chamberlain PD752D 3/4-Horsepower Heavy-Duty Premium Chain Drive Garage Door Opener, Contributors to, As of August 2014


A handful of reviewers give the Chamberlain PD752D a 4.9-star overall rating. Though the sample size is small, and includes reviews originally posted at the Chamberlain site, each reviewer says that they would recommend the opener to a friend. Lowes has only recently begun selling this opener under the PD753D model number, discontinuing an exclusive version (Chamberlain G248735) it previously offered.

Review: Chamberlain 3/4-horsepower Power Drive Chain Garage Door Opener, Contributors to, As of August 2014

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