Chamberlain Power Drive PD210D Review

Cheap chain-drive garage door opener

  • Good value
  • Generally works well
  • Relatively quiet
  • Only one remote
  • No wireless keypad
  • Installation can be confusing
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Bottom line

Don't mistake the Chamberlain PD210D for a high-end garage door opener. However, if you are looking for the most reliable opener for the least amount of money, the PD210D should be high on your list.


Surprisingly quiet for a chain drive model. Most chain-drive garage door openers draw at least a few noise complaints, and the Chamberlain PD210D is no exception, but reviewers don't seem overly stressed by this model's noise levels, especially given its price.

Ease of Installation

Relatively quick to install, but can be a little confusing. User reviewers say that the Chamberlain PD210D is pretty easy to install, but several comment that the manual can be confusing in spots. Install times range from two and one-half hours to five hours or more. Although having help makes it easier, owners report no problems installing the PD210D on their own with a stepladder to help hold the far end up. Cited problems include having to purchase the screws and bolts for mounting the unit, along with mounting brackets, and having to adjust the limits by trial and error. The PD210D can handle a 7-foot door as-is, but you'll need to buy an extension kit for 8-foot or 10-foot doors (Est. $50 to $80). If you prefer not to handle installation yourself, the LiftMaster 3255 is the same opener, and is made by Chamberlain; it's sold through installers and a list of local ones can be found on the LiftMaster site.


Slow and steady, but it gets there. At 1/2 horsepower, the Chamberlain PD210D can handle many residential garage doors, though if yours is heavily insulated or made of solid wood, a more powerful 3/4-HP model, such as the Chamberlain PD752D (Est. $170) is a better bet. With appropriate doors, most owners say the Chamberlain PD210D will get the job done, but a few echoed comments similar to this assessment from a (where it's sold as the Chamberlain G248730) customer: It's "quiet, but not too fast."

Ownership experience

No frills works for some, not others. Although a few owners comment about receiving just one remote and no wireless keypad with the Chamberlain PD210D, most don't seem to mind because they've received "a great deal for the price." They're not looking for much more than a garage door opener that's not too hard to install and does its job -- no frills necessary. As one customer says, "It works very nicely. I'd buy another one." We noted some durability worries, however, especially over the use of plastic parts in some spots. This garage-door opener has a shorter warranty than other Chamberlain products: six-year motor warranty, one-year parts, one- year accessories versus, for example, lifetime motor warranty, three-years parts, one-year accessories for the Chamberlain PD752D.

Features are sparse. There's a multi-function inside control pad, a single one-button vehicle remote, and safety sensors that stop door motion and turn on the garage light if an invisible beam that projects across the garage door opening is broken. There's no battery backup but a manual release allows the garage door to be useable in a power outage, but only from the inside. Note that the Lowes-exclusive version, the Chamberlain G248730 (Est. $120), replaces the multi-function interior control pad with a simple pushbutton switch.

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The Chamberlain PD210D nets more than 140 reviews from users, and they give it a 4.3-star overall rating. Most of the reviews for the garage door opener are positive, if realistic about its no-frills nature. Some negative feedback is over an out-of-stock situation that's long-since been resolved.

Review: Chamberlain PD210D Power Drive 1/2-Horsepower Security-Plus Chain-Drive Garage Door Opener, Blue and White, Contributors to, As of August 2014


We see around 120 reviews at, though some come from the Chamberlain site. This garage door opener is sold here as the Chamberlain G248730, identical to the Chamberlain PD210D except that an interior control panel is replaced by a simple pushbutton switch. Owners don't seem to mind, and feedback is strong for the most part, especially among those who were interested in a good value. It earns a 4.3-star rating, with 92 percent giving it a recommendation.

Review: Chamberlain 1/2-horsepower Power Drive Chain Garage Door Opener, Contributors to, As of August 2014


We see over 60 reviews for the Chamberlain PD210D at, with satisfaction that is higher than at other user review sites. Overall, the chain-drive garage door opener earns a rating of 4.6 stars, with 95 percent saying that they would recommend it to friends. Only three owners thus far rate it less than 4 stars. Value is a frequently-cited plus.

Review: Chamberlain Model # PD210D Power Drive 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Access System, Contributors to, As of August 2014

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