Chamberlain WD1000WF Review

Chamberlain WD1000WF Review
Bottom Line

Reviewers say that the belt-driven Chamberlain WD1000WF is reliable and feature packed, including built-in Internet connectivity for those who want the ability to monitor and control their garage door from anywhere they can get online. There's also a backup battery and the 1-1/4 motor is among the most powerful you can find in a residential opener. The Home Depot exclusive Chamberlain HD950WF (Est. $270) and Lowes exclusive Chamberlain LW9000WF (Est. $270) are near identical in terms of performance, features, specifications and pricing.

ProsQuiet, Powerful, Battery back up, Internet connectivity built inConsHomeLink compatibility issues, Installation challenging for some

Breaking it down


Strong and silent. One advantage of a belt-driven garage door opener is that they are much quieter than chain-drive models, and that's borne out in most user reviews. Some occasional gripes are heard, but many owners are pleasantly surprised by how quiet the Chamberlain WD1000WF opener is, and that's especially true of those who are replacing an older chain-drive or screw-drive opener. The 1-1/4 horsepower motor is about the most powerful you can find in a residential garage door opener. It's strong enough for just about any task and, while the extra horsepower won't provide more lifting capacity (keeping in mind that most residential garage doors are counterbalanced) compared to 1/2 and 3/4 horsepower models, it means that the motor will strain less -- leading to quieter operation and better reliability.


Lots of goodies. This is one of the most feature packed garage-door openers available. While many Chamberlain garage door openers are Internet compatible using Chamberlain's MyQ technology, most require the purchase of an optional Internet gateway to actually connect to your home network. Not so with the WD1000WF, as that gateway is built in. A battery back-up is another plus. In the case of a power outage it will drive your garage door opener for approximately 20 cycles or 24 hours. There's also HomeLink compatibility, but because of changes in technology, you may need an optional interface if you have an older HomeLink-equipped car. The interior control panel includes a motion sensor that will turn on the lights if it detects movement in the garage. Other features include safety sensors that will stop a closing door and reverse its motion if anything -- a car or a person -- breaks its invisible beam; twin multifunction car remotes; and a keyless entry pad. The remote codes change after every use to help deter break-ins.

Ownership experience

Installation may be a challenge for some. Comments regarding installation are a bit all over the place. Some experts find it to be the least pleasing aspects of the Chamberlain WD1000WF, and some owners are also unhappy. Others, especially those with good DIY skills, find it to be very easy. That doesn't mean it's not a major project, and that you need to fairly assess your own handyman skills when deciding to DIY or to hire an installer. Once up, reports thus far indicate good reliability, though issues with getting the Internet features to work are not unheard of. On the plus side, the apps to run the opener are described as easy to use once that hurdle is cleared. Most vexing to some is that HomeLink compatibility is an issue with older cars due to changes in that technology, and that the required adapter to overcome that is an extra-cost option.

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Owners so far find lots to like with the Chamberlain WD1000WF. It accumulates a 4.8 star rating following more than 90 reviews, with more than 75 of those granting it the top 5 star rating, and only five giving it less than 4 stars. The biggest negatives are compatibility issues with older HomeLink-equipped cars and the need to by optional parts -- such as an extension for garages taller than seven feet -- for some installations.


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The Chamberlain HD950WF is the Home Depot exclusive version of the Chamberlain WD1000WF, and looks to be identical in its specifications, features and performance. There are over 100 reviews here. Satisfaction is a touch lower, but still strong and the HD950WF earns a 4.4 star rating.


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The Chamberlain LW9000WF is the Lowes exclusive version of the Chamberlain WD1000WF, and, again, is functionally identical. Here, we found more than 55 reviews and high satisfaction -- as evidenced by its 4.7-star rating. Around 95 percent of owners say they would recommend the LW9000WF to a friend.


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CNET tackles installing and testing the Chamberlain HD950WF (a Home Depot version of the Chamberlain WD1000WF). Installation proves to be a challenge, but once that's overcome, Brian Bennett finds operation of the smart features and the opener itself to largely pass muster. "The Chamberlain Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is a feat to install but is a worthwhile way for those with outdated garage systems to gain a foothold in the connected home," Bennet says.


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This review is a bit less detailed than the one at CNET, but covers much of the same ground in evaluating the Chamberlain HD950WF. John R. Delaney finds that the Chamberlain is quiet and smooth when opening and closing his double-wide garage door, and that the Internet app is easy to use.