Direct Drive 1042V001 Review

Direct Drive 1042V001 Review
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Users praise the Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4-horsepower garage door opener for its solid German engineering. They also like the quiet, reliable direct-drive system; instead of using a motor to pull a chain or belt to raise the door, the Direct Drive's motor moves along a spring-tensioned, stationary chain. Installation is relatively easy, at least compared to other garage door openers. This model is also known as the Direct Drive 1042V004 (Est. $230), the Sommer 1042V001 (Est. $230), and the Sommer synoris 550 (Est. $230); all are identical.

ProsPowerful, Very quiet, Lifetime warrantyConsSlow, Keypad sold separately

Breaking it down


Among the quietest you can buy. Belt-driven garage door openers have a reputation for being very quiet, but the Direct Drive 1042V001 gives them a run for their money and, according to many user reviews, comes out on top. Reports frequently say that the only sounds you'll hear come from the door itself. Users also praise the Direct Drive 1042V001's quiet 3/4-horsepower motor. They say that it easily lifts the heaviest garage doors, from a 16-foot-wide, solid-wood model to an 18-foot-wide insulated door with windows on top. The opener is rated for doors up to 550 pounds. If this garage door has a weakness it's speed, or rather the lack thereof. Many reviewers say that no matter what size or weight of door you have, the Direct Drive 1042V001 is slower than most other garage door openers; most add that it is only a minor inconvenience.


Fairly basic. While the Direct Drive 1042V001 has the basics well covered, you won't find some of the extras spotted on premium garage door openers. There's no battery backup, for example, and there are no smart features or any way to control the opener from the Internet. It's HomeLink compatible, but like all openers that support HomeLink, it's not compatible with that feature in older cars without springing for an extra cost adapter. A wireless entry keypad is not included, but the Direct Drive 4078V001 Wireless Keypad (Est. $35) is available as an accessory. However, you do get two vehicle remote controls, a wired multifunction wall control and safety sensors. Like most modern garage door openers, the system uses a rolling code for added security.

Ownership experience

It's surprisingly easy to install, users say. Most users are pleasantly surprised by how easy the Direct Drive 1042V001 is to install. They report install times of anywhere from two to five hours, and say that the instructions are, for the most part, easy to follow, though others also gripe of some small errors in those. Reviewers also like that the three-piece rails nest inside each other, which helps fit the garage door opener into a variety of spaces; they say it's great for tight spaces where a longer model won't fit. Users report that it opens all the way to the top, even on 8-foot garage doors, with no adapter needed to accommodate the extra height, but adapters are available for taller doors or more difficult installations. Reliability looks good, though reports of failed units aren't unheard of. Customer service gets mixed feedback, though the majority that needed to contact the maker found it to be helpful. The warranty is among the best -- lifetime on the entire unit, two years on accessories.

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