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Char-Broil Red Patio 463250212

*Est. $270
May 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Char-Broil Red Infrared Urban Grill

  • Compact
  • Fuel efficient
  • May not hold up well over time
  • Prone to rust
  • Doesn't get hot enough
  • Only two burners
  • Small work area
  • Short warranty

Char-Broil Red infrared grills are exclusive to Home Depot. The Char-Broil Red Patio 463250212, is simply the 2012 version of last year's Char-Broil Red Infrared Urban 463250211, is the most compact model. It's designed for spaces like a balcony or patio, and wheels make it easy to roll into an out-of-the-way corner when its not in use. The infrared tech is designed to let it produce higher heat while consuming less fuel than larger grills.

This grill ranked near the top of small models evaluated in one expert test, but another expert reviewer warns that the infrared emitter gets so hot, its protective coating can flake off. The majority of user reviewers are happy with this grill, but a significant portion complains that it doesn't have enough cooking power (especially after a season of use), and that it tends to rust badly. You'll find 300 square inches of primary cooking space, along with a 130-square-inch warming rack. You can step up to a larger grill by spending an additional $60 or so on the Kenmore 4-Burner LP Grill w/ Searing Burner PG-40402SOL (*Est. $330), which is recommended in the sub-$400 range.

The 2011 version of this grill is among those tested and rated by It also gets a full review from's Derrick Riches. Owners post feedback at

Our Sources

1. tests, rates and ranks a variety gas grills. The Char-Broil Red Patio 463250210, the similar predecessor to the Red Patio 463250212, is among the grills in the current ratings chart.

Review: Gas Grills, Editors of, April 2012


Derrick Riches says that the Red Urban (the previous version of the Red Patio) cooks well and efficiently, but the infrared emitter, which is made of enameled sheet metal, gets so hot that the coating flakes off; this leaves the emitter vulnerable to rust if the grill is not kept covered.

Review: Char-Broil Red Infrared Urban Gas Grill Model # 463250211, Derrick Riches


Well over 200 owners post their opinions about the Char-Broil Gourmet TRU-Infrared at (Even though the names don't match up exactly, the model number confirms that this is the correct grill.) It averages 4.2 stars out of 5 possible. Many owners are happy with their grills, but we found a number of complaints about low cooking temperatures, poor durability, and a tendency to rust.

Review: Char-Broil Gourmet TRU-Infrared 2-Burner Gas Grill, Contributors to

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