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Mac-compatible genealogy software

Nearly all of the software we saw reviewed is compatible only with Windows operating systems. Mac users have fewer options. Reunion 9 (*Est. $100) from Leister Productions is the leading Mac-compatible genealogy software on the market. Macworld gives it its highest rating because it is "beautifully designed, easy to use, and a pleasure to work with," according to reviewer Jeffery Battersby. A limited demo version is also available for download.

Many users think of Reunion 9 as the only genealogy software available for the Mac, but Heredis Mac X.2 (*Est. $70) from the French company BSD Concept has also been favorably received. In a review of the previous version, Family Tree Magazine compliments Heredis for its attractive web pages and ease of use. In a more recent report, Macworld's Battersby says that Heredis Mac X.2 is a "well-designed and versatile genealogy program," though he rates Reunion 9 higher.

MacFamilyTree 5 (*Est. $50) from Germany's OnlyMac Software also gets some consideration. However, critics say that while it is a good program, the interface is not as clean as some other Mac software. If you want to try before you buy, a demo version will let you do everything except save your work. There is a corresponding iPhone app called MobileFamilyTree 2 (*Est. $5) that will sync with MacFamilyTree desktop software.

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