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Gourmet Gift Baskets: Ratings of Sources

Total of 13 Sources
1. Cook's Illustrated Magazine
April 2005
Fruit Baskets
by Editors of Cook's Illustrated
Our AssessmentCook's Illustrated evaluates six fruit baskets in several areas, including website, value, quality, attractiveness and delivery time. Prices per piece of fruit ranged from $2.90 to $6.49. In general, the editors consider fruit baskets a poor value and vow to send "gifts other than fruit baskets to celebrate that new baby or promotion."
2. The Wall Street Journal
June 17, 2005
Fruit Baskets: A New Crop
by Nina Siegal
Our AssessmentWith the help of a co-op produce manager, Siegal evaluates five fruit baskets containing only organic fruit (some baskets also contained tea and jam). The produce manager concludes that the fruit is the baskets costs twice as much as it would in a local specialty grocery store, excluding shipping costs. Diamond Organics takes top honors for both overall quality and value with a "Hawaii pineapple so tasty we ate it in one sitting," carefully packed strawberries and "huge, juicy" kiwis, among other fruits. Got Fruit's basket is panned for containing a "moldy orange," a "broken kiwi" and "a couple of gashed pears." The company offered a replacement. Harry & David is the runner-up, but fruit ships when it's ripe, so you can't select a delivery date.
3. The Wall Street Journal
Dec. 3, 2004
The Best Food Basket
by Charles Passy
Our AssessmentThe Wall Street Journal evaluates eight gift baskets designed to represent a particular city or region. Awesome Creation's Windy City basket was the "biggest disappointment," with Chicago-made products that are available nationwide, including Wrigley's gum. Artfully Yours' Grand Fog City Basket earns the top rating with "yummy" chocolates, a fine bottle of wine, organic breadsticks and other goodies, but it cost $250. The best-value baskets hailed from Texas (Lone Star Gift Baskets) and Cajun country (The Basket Case), respectively.
4. The Wall Street Journal
Nov. 21, 2003
Enough with the Mixed Nuts
by Lauren Lipton
Our AssessmentLauren Lipton wonders whether gift baskets are the "new fruitcake," leaving behind "mystery condiments" and past-its-prime flavored coffee, long after the holidays are over. Chelsea Market's Simple Pleasures Savory basket was beautiful but the fruit that came in it was mealy and ordinary. Harry & David's Extra Deluxe Fruit Basket didn't wow testers, but most of its contents were quickly eaten, and the willow basket they came in seemed sturdy. Wine Country gift baskets sent a Classic basket whose contents didn't find many takers. Zingerman's sent a smallish box of baked "moist, tasty" sweets, but testers judged it a poor value.
5. ConsumerReports.org
Dec. 2006
Mail-Order Food
by Editors of Consumer Reports
Our AssessmentConsumer Reports evaluates eleven mail-order gift baskets that contained several items, but generally included fruit, jam, sausage, cheese and cookies or chocolate. Baskets are rated for overall quality.
6. Amazon.com
As of Sept. 2008
Gift Basket Reviews
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentMany gift baskets receive one or two reviews, but a few receive a dozen or more. The Thinking of You Basket from Wine Country Gift Baskets earns an average of 4 1/2 stars out of five in 23 reviews. Many customers praise the presentation, but a few say that the food isn't truly gourmet quality. The Wine Country Sampler from the same company receives much lower marks, with complaints centering on customer service problems.
7. SeriousEats.com
As of Sept. 2008
Gourmet Gift Basket Ideas
by Contributors to SeriousEats.com
Our AssessmentWhen asked to suggest sources for a gourmet gift basket, contributors name A Southern Season, Marky's, Oliviers & Co., iGourmet, Edible Arrangements, Global Exchange and Zingerman's.
8. Chowhound.com
As of Sept. 2008
Best Fruit Basket Delivery in the U.S.?
by Contributors to Chowhound.com
Our AssessmentWhen asked to name the best fruit basket, contributors to this food forum name Harry & David's (particularly the Royal Riviera pears), Edible Arrangements and Manhattan Fruitier.
9. OrganicPicks.com
As of Sept. 2008
Reviews of Diamond Organics
by Contributors to OrganicPicks.com
Our AssessmentOrganicPicks.com's mission is to allow consumers to review "organic and green services and products," as well as green-living tips. One consumer awards four stars to Diamond Organics for a fruit basket filled with "lovely, sweet, and juicy" fruit in a "beautiful presentation." She does balk at the high price of fruit, which is easily obtainable at local farmers' markets at a much lower price.
10. CookingLight.com
As of Sept. 2008
Looking to Send a Fruit Basket
by Contributors to CookingLight.com
Our AssessmentConsumers offer favorite fruit basket sources, which include Edible Arrangements and Diamond Organics. While one poster suggests Harry & David, another says that the company's baskets are "overpriced and only okay." A consumer who has ordered from Diamond Organics reports that the fruit arrived in perfect condition and lasted a long time.
11. Real Simple
June/July 2004
Tropical Fruit Basket
by Sarah Humphreys and Jenny Rosenstrach
Our AssessmentHumphreys and Rosenstrach suggest a basket of exotic fruits from Manhattan Fruitier, which may include cactus pears, litchis and kumquats, as a gift for the host or hostess. However, no other fruit baskets are rated or recommended.
12. The New York Times
Apr. 27, 2008
Bouquets, Only Edible
by M.H. Reed
Our AssessmentThis brief review covers only Edible Arrangements. According to the reviewer, Edible Arrangements look more appetizing in person than in print advertisements. The pineapple "flowers" are "cartoonishly cute," but the overall effect is pleasing.
13. ForkandBottle.com
Jan. 2005
Web Shopping Reviews
by Editors of Fork and Bottle
Our AssessmentThe editors of this site review iGourmet and Diamond Organics. The Sampler Family Pack they ordered from Diamond Organics was full of "good-quality produce" that was "well packed." One peach arrived moldy, but the green beans were "exemplary." iGourmet's shipment of cheese and butter from Australia and New Zealand arrived in good condition, with plenty of still-frozen ice packs in the box.
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