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1. Gas Grills, Editors of, Not Dated
This comparative review includes evaluations of about 185 gas grills in a variety of price ranges and sizes. Grills are rated on factors including high-temperature cooking, low-temperature cooking, indirect cooking and convenience. A comprehensive buying guide that describes key features and evaluates brands accompanies the ratings.
2. Cook's Illustrated Charcoal Grills, Editors of Cook's Illustrated, May 2015
In this report, Cook's Illustrated editors rate seven charcoal grills according to grilling performance, heat retention while barbecuing, cleanup and quality of construction. The editors also weigh in on factors like design and ease of assembly in their comprehensive report. Four of the tested models are either recommended or highly recommended.
3. Good Housekeeping Outdoor Grills, Editors of Good Housekeeping, As of April 2016
While there are some older reviews in this roundup, dating from as early as 2008, there are also more recent reviews from 2015. Each grill is tested and ranked on a 5-star scale. Pros and cons are noted, but they aren't specifically ranked against other grills. Only gas grills are tested here.
4. Before You Buy a Gas Grill, Derrick Riches, Jan. 2, 2016
This article provides links to Derrick Riches' picks for the best gas grills in six price categories. He also provides a buying guide specific to each price category and a list of his top small grills. The commentary contains useful insider information. In general, Riches says that Weber grills are more expensive, but have better quality than other brands.
5. Top 10 Charcoal Grills, Derrick Riches, Jan. 2, 2016
Derrick Riches presents his top-10 list of charcoal grills. Each is accompanied by a link to a thorough review. Riches doesn't explain his rating criteria clearly, but he has more than 15 years of experience critiquing grills, so his reviews are worth consulting.
6. Before You Buy a Smoker, Derrick Riches, Oct. 1, 2015
Derrick Riches rounds up smokers here, and provides a buying guide and links to the top smokers in several price categories. As with his grill reports, reviews are thorough and his expertise shines through.
7. The Guardian The best BBQs reviewed: Britain gets a taste for 'low and slow' cooking, Kit Buchan, July 13, 2014
In this round up of grills, focusing on low, slow cooking, for the British paper The Guardian, American chef Neil Rankin, an acknowledged expert in barbecue-style cooking, names his top five picks for grills. Although this was written for a British publication, these grills are widely available in the U.S. and include the Big Green Egg and the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker.
8. Five Best Grills, Alan Henry, June 16, 2013
These top five grills were chosen based upon a poll of readers. Each pick includes a review that explains what those who voted for each grill like about it. Among the top five are the Weber Original Kettle, the Weber Genesis Series, and the Big Green Egg.
9. Ratings & Reviews Of 500 Grills, Smokers, Pits, Hog Roasters, And More, Editors of, As of April 2016
Credibility: offers a resource for shoppers looking for grills, smokers and more. The site includes buyer's guides, in-depth reviews, and roundups covering hundreds of grills. Expert reviewers are knowledgeable and often have hands on experience with the grill they review.
10. The Best Portable Grill and Travel BBQ Review , Valentine Cullen, June 28, 2015
With its focus on camping-related equipment, rounds up the 5 best portable and travel grills. Testing is thorough, and the grills are rated and ranked against each other. Pros and cons are noted.
11. Grills , Contributors to, As of April 2016
Credibility: offers the largest number of user reviews for gas and charcoal grills and smokers we found, including at least a few comments for almost every model sold. The reviews here provide useful information on the longer-term performance and durability of the grills. carries virtually every brand available, as well as a wide range of grill accessories.
12. Grills, Contributors to, As of April 2016
Credibility: carries a wide assortment of grills, which are easy to search for by type, with a top pane for sorting by propane, charcoal, wood, etc. While many brands are represented, Weber grills generally account for the highest ratings from a large sample. Char-Broil and Brinkman models also earn high scores.
13. Grills & Outdoor Cooking, Contributors to, As of April 2016
Credibility: sells a wide variety of grills, and many get dozens or hundreds of reviews. This is a particularly good site for lower-priced brands, like Char-Broil and Masterbuilt, as well as lesser-known brands.
14. Grills, Contributors to, As of April 2016
Like, sells a number of grills in various brands and sizes. Weber and Char-Broil are popular here, but some get only a few reviews, others earn hundreds of ratings.