Weber Original 22-inch Kettle Review

Bottom Line

Formerly known as the Weber One-Touch Silver (and sometimes still sold under that name), the Weber Original 22-inch Kettle is as basic as they come, but is still suitable for cooks of any skill level. Owners say it's an amazing value -- especially since it will last virtually forever. It's also easy to assemble, use and clean. This version of the Original Kettle comes in two sizes, 22 inches, which is the size we review, and the Weber 18-inch Kettle (Est. $80) [B00004RALW]. There are also upgraded models of this bare-bones charcoal grill that will add some bells and whistles, but also add to the price.

ProsImparts excellent flavor, Can grill or smoke foods, Easy to assemble, use, clean, Fairly small footprint for its cooking surface, Lasts for many yearsConsAshes may fly when emptying

Breaking it down


Can grill or smoke a wide range of foods. Experts love the versatility of the Weber Original 22-inch Kettle, saying the circular shape, large cooking space and superior venting give owners a high level of heat control, enabling both grilling and smoking. Users overwhelmingly agree, saying the Original Kettle can cook virtually any type of food, using indirect or direct heat as well as long, slow cooking with superior results. This grill is as popular with those who are new to grilling and just exploring the various methods as it is with those who are experts at even the most challenging foods to grill. The Weber 22-inch grill has a 363 square inch total cooking space, large enough, most users say, for a family of six. It also comes in an 18-inch version and in three finishes, black, copper and green.

Ease of use

Nearly foolproof. Owners report that the Weber Original 22-inch Kettle can be assembled in about 15 minutes. While some users say they felt there was a learning curve when first using this Weber, many of them had simply never used a charcoal grill before -- quite a few came back and edited their review once they were more experienced to rave about the grill. Most also agree its "one-touch" ash emptying makes it easy to use and clean. The one quibble we saw was that the ashes can fly around when you're emptying them from the bottom of the kettle; however, if you purchase the upgraded version, the Weber Original Kettle Premium 22 (Est. $150) [B00MKB5TXA] (formerly known as the Weber One-Touch Gold), it has an enclosure that prevents that from happening.


Minimal safety concerns. We saw very few complaints about safety issues with the Weber Original 22-inch Kettle. The dampers make shutting down the fires easy and safe, and there are very few reports of flare-ups -- users say the design of the grill makes the occasional grease flare-up very easy to handle. A handful complain that the handle gets hot to the touch, but others sensibly point out that using a grill mitt should be standard operating procedure when grilling. Many say their grill works perfectly years or even decades after purchase. Annual maintenance involves removing the grates and cleaning with mild detergent and water. The warranty runs 10 years for the bowl, lid and handle; and two years for the grates and other parts.

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