Braun cruZer6 Beard & Head

Best beard trimmer

  • Great for detailing facial hair
  • Can clip some head hair
  • Good for full beards
  • Plastic combs fairly flimsy
  • Occasionally tugs
  • Requires multiple passes
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Bottom line

The Braun cruZer6 really shines for outlining facial hair, with a wide trimmer and a pop-up sideburn trimmer for detailing. It also performs well on your neck, although it may require multiple passes; two adjustable combs make it easy to maintain a tidy, full beard. Although the cruZer6 is marketed for both clipping the hair on your head and styling facial hair, its hair-clipping abilities are limited.


Great for facial hair. A couple of experts say the Braun cruZer6 -- in this case, the Beard & Head version -- excels at styling facial hair. It has a pop-up narrow trimmer for managing sideburns and other detailing, and its beard comb adjusts from 1 to 11 mm, making it easy to maintain a full beard. It also comes with a comb for clipping hair (10 to 20 mm), which can bog down quickly in thick hair.

On the downside the cruZer6 Beard & Head requires several passes to get a clean trim and occasionally tugs some beard hair (probably the most coarse hairs, although reviewers don't really say).

Ease of use

Long trim time from one charge. The Braun cruZer6 Beard & Head's curved shape makes it easy to hold, and it offers about 40 minutes of trimming time per battery charge. Users like not having to worry about a power cord but fret that the adjustable combs feel flimsy. On the other hand, they offer lots of versatility for maintaining a full beard -- up to about 2/5 of an inch for the beard comb and a little more than 3/4 inch for the "head" comb. Users also say the cruZer6 is quiet and produces little vibration.

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Tyler Stokes of offers a video comparison of the Braun cruZer6 and three other beard trimmers. His balanced commentary makes it clear that there's no single best trimmer for every beard and face -- but when it comes to designing facial hair without a razor, he says the Braun is tops.

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More than 420 users are relatively critical of the Braun cruZer6 Beard & Head, giving it 3.7 stars out of 5. Some are clearly confused and expected an electric shaver; others say that while the cruZer6 can trim the hair on your head, it works better on facial hair.

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