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Hair Colors: Ratings of Sources

1. Touch-up Root Hair Color Review, Editors of, March 2014
Credibility: tests eight temporary root touch-up products -- sprays, markers, brush-on and lipstick-type products. Each is tested by at least five panelists and judged for color matching, gray coverage and ease of use. doesn't provide its usual ratings table, but panelists do pick two root touch-up products that work better than the rest. This article is free to read without a subscription.
2. Good Housekeeping The Best At-Home Hair Color When a Salon is Just Too Much, Sam Escobar, May 20, 2016
Good Housekeeping tests nine home hair color formulas for gray coverage and fade resistance. Testers dye swatches of graying hair, then wash, blow-dry and expose them to UV light to mimic a month of normal wear. Judges choose one best-for-all-shades kit, and others as best for brunettes, redheads and blondes. In a related article, editors offer tips for coloring hair at home.
3. Prevention Magazine The 21 Best Age-Erasing Beauty Products of 2015, Jessica Chia, Aug. 12, 2015
Prevention editors "tapped our panel of MDs and chemists, an independent lab, and real 40+ women for no-holds-barred feedback on more than 1,100 new beauty products" for their 2015 beauty awards. They pick one winner and one runner-up in the at-home hair dye category.
4. Hair Color, Contributors to, As of April 2017
Registered users at rate more than 670 hair colors of all types on a scale of 1 to 5. You can sort them by the number of reviews (some of them get hundreds) or score, so it's easy to find the best ones. Comments are extremely helpful, involving ease of use, the quality of the resulting color, odor and more.
5. InStyle Best Beauty Buys: Hair, Editors of InStyle magazine, As of April 2017
Every year editors at InStyle magazine test hundreds of beauty products to find the very best in several categories. Here, you can see the best hair colors of 2016 and 2015 -- single-process, root touch-up and highlight kits -- as well as prior years' winners.
6. Allure Best of Beauty: Hair, Liana Schaffner, Sept. 12, 2016
Allure editors also test many products for their annual Best of Beauty list. Three products are listed for at-home hair color, including a root coverage product, a glaze and a single process kit. Editors provide details about their experience testing the winning products, including ease of use and how the products look, feel and smell.
7. Marie Claire 10 At-Home Hair Color Secrets Straight from the Pros, Ning Chao and Lori Keong, April 11, 2016
Ning Chao and Lori Keong question Manhattan's most sought-after color experts for tips on coloring hair at home and recommendations for the best at-home hair color products. Professional hair colorists offer tips for extending the time between salon visits to save money, what's safe to try at home and what to avoid, and offer other advice for getting salon-quality results at home.
8. Elle The 8 Best At-Home Hair Color Kits, Justine Carreon, Jan. 31, 2017
Justine Carreon talks to professional celebrity colorists Moiz Alladina, Rita Hazan, and Simone Pearl Mangano for their recommendations on the best at-home hair coloring kits. The pros suggest top at-home hair color kits for blondes, for going darker, for redheads, the best hair coloring products for achieving salon techniques such as dipped ends and for certain hair types (such as long, thick locks).
9. Today 5 pro-quality hair dyes that let you skip the salon, Jordan Muto, Oct. 13, 2016
Credibility: writer Jordan Muto gets recommendations from professional hair colorists on the best at-home hair coloring and touch-up products. Hair colorists explain what they like about the products they recommend and offer tips for getting the best results from at-home color.
10. 11 Best Hair Color Products, Jessica Amaris, Not Dated
Users at rate and review hundreds of hair color products. Their 11 favorites are listed here, each with an average rating and representative user comments. Most are permanent hair color kits, but the list also includes some demi-permanent kits, a natural henna and a root touch-up pen.
11. Hair Color, Contributors to, As of April 2017
Credibility: sells dozens of home hair color products, including permanent and semi-permanent dyes, highlighting kits and root touch-up products. You can sort the list to see the top-rated products first; some have amassed hundreds of user reviews.
12. Hair Color, Contributors to, As of April 2017
Credibility: sells a wide variety of popular hair color products, and some of them attract hundreds of reviews. You can sort the list by ratings, and the number of reviews is visible on the landing page, so it's easy to find the top picks.
13. Hair Color, Contributors to, As of April 2017
Credibility: sells thousands of hair color products, but it can be hard to find the best ones. You can filter the results to show products with the highest average customer reviews first, but that puts some products with under 100 reviews near the top of the list. However, if you dig, you can find popular hair color products with hundreds of reviews and outstanding scores.