Surya Henna Cream

Best natural hair color

  • Mostly natural ingredients
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent gray coverage
  • Only lasts through seven to 10 washings
  • Long processing time
  • Dries out hair
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Bottom Line

Surya Henna Cream is a mostly natural alternative to mainstream chemical hair color that comes in 15 different shades. While it does use some synthetic dyes, it relies on henna and other natural ingredients to condition the hair, and it's completely ammonia- and peroxide-free. The downside is the color doesn't last long. If you prefer a gentle but long-lasting formula, reviewers recommend our best reviewed non-permanent hair color Clairol Natural Instincts (Est. $7.25).


Leaves hair shiny with rich color. Experts at say Surya Henna Cream provides beautiful color and "superb coverage" for grays all while being gentle and mostly natural. The formula uses 90 percent natural ingredients. The remaining 10 percent is made up of synthetic dyes and preservatives. Users at, where the formula earns high overall ratings from more than 200 reviewers, say that it leaves hair shiny and healthy looking. One reviewer says, "The color is rich and deep. However it does fade with each wash." The color washes out in approximately seven to 10 washings. Several users say that the formula is quite drying, but most say it's nothing that a good conditioner can't fix.

Ease Of Use

The best color comes to those who wait. Reviewers say Surya Henna Cream is incredibly easy to use. Editors at explain, "You apply it to still wet and washed hair, so it goes on brilliantly easy." Users at and agree. One says, "The best thing about this product is how easy it is. I never cease to be amazed at how little effort or mess is involved." The downside is the amount of time the formula requires for processing -- 90 minutes or longer -- but most users don't seem to mind.


A breath of fresh air. Surya Henna Cream is ammonia- and peroxide-free which means there are no chemical scents. One user at says, "It didn't have that earthy smell like other hennas, nor did it have that awful pungent smell of commercial/chemical dyes." Editors at agree, adding that it has a "lovely gentle smell."

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Our Sources

1. tests several beauty products and scrutinizes their ingredients and efficacy. Surya Henna Cream is likewise tested and given the thumbs-up as an effective alternative to chemical-laden hair dyes. Editors say it's easy to apply, covers gray hair well and produces a beautiful color.

Review: Natural Hair Dye with Surya Henna Brasil Cream, "Leslie", Oct. 1, 2009


More than 200 reviewers at give Surya Henna Cream an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Most say it produces excellent color that looks natural. It also covers grays immediately. Most report that it's quite drying; some also complain that it's not completely natural.

Review: Surya Cream Henna Hair Color - Natural Ingredients, Contributors to, As of June 2013


Only a handful of users at review Surya Henna Cream, but most are pleased with the formula. Most say it's easy to use and produces excellent color.

Review: Surya Henna Cream, Contributors to, As of June 2013

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