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Hair Dryer Ratings

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1. Good Housekeeping
June 2013
Hair Dryers
by Editors of Good Housekeeping
Our AssessmentEditors at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute test 20 full-sized hair dryers and 12 travel models on different hair swatches to see how fast they work. They also evaluate weight and noise level. Then they pass the dryers on to home users who rate them based on comfort, ease of use, and how smooth and shiny their hair looks when it's dry. Two of the seven recommended models are now discontinued.
2. InStyle
As of September 2015
Best Beauty Buys
by Editors of InStyle magazine
Our AssessmentAmong the hundreds of products in InStyle's list of Best Beauty Buys for 2015 are three blow dryers: best overall, best inexpensive blow dryer, and best eco-friendly blow-dryer. Their picks appear to be based on recommendations from professional stylists, including Ursula Stephen, stylist to music star Rihanna. Each model receives a brief write-up covering such points as weight, power, and durability—though it's not clear how this last feature was tested.
3. Allure
Mar. 20, 2015
The 10 Best Blow-Dryers Money Can Buy
by Stephanie Saltzman
Our AssessmentAllure names the top ten blow dryers "approved by hairstylists and Allure editors" based on personal use. Writer Stephanie Saltzman sums up each dryer's specs, price, and noted celebrity users, but there's no indication that the dryers have gone through any rigorous, head-to-head testing.
Jan. 28, 2015
How To Find The Perfect Blowdryer For YOU
by Taylor Bryant
Our AssessmentThree different staffers at—each with a different hair length and type—test out blow dryers to see which work the best on their unique tresses. Each staffer offers a detailed review of her favorite pick, but the article doesn't say how many other models they tried before choosing a keeper.
June 2014
9 Best Hair Dryers for 2014
by Amanda Montell
Our ranks the nine top blow dryers based on reviews from readers. The introduction says the readers "test the full spectrum of blow-dryers," but it's not clear whether these users have actually compared multiple models or simply reported on their personal experiences. Each blow dryer receives an overall user rating and a summary of what reviewers like best about it. Three of the nine recommended models are now discontinued.
6. Lucky
Dec. 18, 2014
Five Travel-Sized Hair Dryers That Stand Up To The Test
by A. Pi and editors of Lucky magazine
Our AssessmentThis slideshow offers a rundown of five "amazingly compact" travel hair dryers that "pass the test." What exactly that test is, however, author A. Pi doesn't say. A brief description for each blow dryer mentions its size and key features, but there's nothing to indicate why these five models were chosen over others. Moreover, two of the five picks are now discontinued.
Not dated
The Best Hair Dryers
by Alexandra Gonzalez Repetto
Our AssessmentEditors at Real Simple test more than 50 blow dryers and name their six top picks. Author Alexandra Gonzalez Repetto says these winners leave hair "the smoothest, shiniest, and most professionally polished," but she doesn't offer any details about testing methods. Also, most of the dryers recommended here aren't covered in other sources.
Contributors to
Top 10 Hair Dryers
by As of September 2015
Our is a retail site specializing in all things hair-related. This page lists the ten blow dryers that earn the best overall reviews from the site's users. It's not clear what algorithm the site used to find these top picks, since some of them have high ratings but not that many reviews. However, six of the ten earn 4 or 4.5 stars from at least 100 reviewers.
As of September 2015
Hair Dryers
by Contributors to
Our sells thousands of hair dryers, and some models have hundreds of reviews from users. However, combing through the comments to find the top picks is complicated, because blow dryers are mixed in with a wide variety of other related products. Also, there's no way to sort the enormous list based on number of reviews, and it's not always easy to identify models based on their descriptions on the main review page.
As of September 2015
Hair Dryers
by Contributors to
Our sells fewer blow dryers than, and few receive more than a dozen reviews. However, a few models earn high overall ratings from 50 users or more. Hair dryers sold here tend toward the low end of the price range, but a couple of pricier models have high star ratings.
As of September 2015
Hair Styling Tools
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentHair dryers don't receive as many product reviews at as they do at or We found only a handful with positive overall reviews from more than 25 users. Another downside of this site is that you must register with your e-mail address in order to view the comments. On the plus side, it's easy to search reviews by number or star rating to find the top products.
As of September 2015
Hair Dryers
by Contributors to
Our is another good destination for user reviews of hair dryers. Most models only get a handful of reviews, but some get dozens and a few a hundred or more. Comments tend to be brief, but users can say if they would recommend their hair dryer to a friend.

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