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Hair Transplant Surgery

*Est. $3,000 and up per session
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Hair Transplant Surgery

Permanent results, but expensive

  • Permanent results
  • Natural-looking
  • Most effective treatment method
  • Very costly
  • May require more than one session
  • Not appropriate for all cases of hair loss

The American Hair Loss Association provides a great deal of information about how hair-transplant surgeries work and who the best candidates for this treatment are. They also provide a list of recommended surgeons in 18 states, Europe, Canada and South America. Sarasota Magazine discusses a couple of hair loss treatments but goes into great detail about hair transplants in a 2002 article entitled "Crowning Glory." Paula Begoun briefly discusses the surgery in her book "Don't Go Shopping for Hair-Care Products Without Me."

Reviewers say that hair transplants have come a long way since earlier days of hair plugs. Technology now allows surgeons to transplant smaller hair grafts of just one to four hairs for a more natural look. Experts say that results are permanent, but the surgery may not be appropriate for all patients. Hair transplants are not generally recommended for women due to the diffuse pattern of hair loss that they typically experience. Each transplant session is costly and experts explain that some patients may require multiple sessions. Reviewers warn that choosing a surgeon requires careful consideration because any licensed physician can perform hair transplants without any formal training. They suggest that patients look for detail-oriented physicians with a great deal of experience. They recommend looking at before-and-after photos of previous patients and setting up interviews to evaluate satisfaction and results.

Our Sources


The American Hair Loss Association discusses hair-transplant surgeries, their history and how they work. They also provide suggestions on what to look for in a surgeon as well as the questions that every patient should ask before making a final decision.

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2. Sarasota Magazine

This article discusses various hair-loss treatments but goes into great length about hair transplants. The author claims that results are permanent, unlike the results produced by other treatments such as Propecia and Rogaine.

Review: Crowning Glory, Anu Varma, Nov. 2002

3. Don't Go Shopping for Hair-Care Products Without Me

Paula Begoun claims that hair transplants are complicated and expensive but that the results are natural and permanent. She warns that any licensed physician can perform the surgeries.

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4. USA Today Magazine

This article discusses hair-loss treatments and briefly touches on hair-transplant surgeries. The doctors interviewed suggest that they are the most effective form of treatment but don't usually recommend them as a first choice.

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