Reviewers say the following about hair loss:

  • Early treatment is essential for the best possible results. Experts say that even effective treatments may not work for everyone, but the best chance of a positive result comes when treatment is begun at the first sign of hair loss. This is because most of the treatments available are more effective at stopping or slowing the progression of hair loss than they are at re-growing hair.
  • A medical diagnosis is strongly recommended. There are numerous types of hair loss and each is best treated for its underlying cause. Hair loss can also be a symptom of a more serious disease.
  • Even effective treatments do not work for everyone.
  • It can take several months to see results. In addition, those results may be minimal. Experts say that those who have a realistic attitude are more likely to be satisfied with results, while those who expect miracles are likely to be disappointed.
  • Treatments must be continued in order for results to continue. There is no cure for baldness and all treatments, with the exception of hair transplant surgery, are temporary. Once a hair loss treatment is discontinued, any growth as a result of that treatment will eventually be lost.
  • Much of what people believe about which side of the family baldness stems from is a myth. Pattern baldness is genetic, but there is not necessarily a single gene that is responsible. Rather, experts believe that it more likely attributed to a mix of genes from both sides of the family.

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