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Updated May 31, 2014
Grado iGrado
Bottom Line

Their styling might not be for everyone, but the Grado iGrado offers decent sound quality at a reasonable price.


Great balance. According to What Hi-Fi? magazine, the Grado iGrado is "open-sounding and clear, with terrific punch and tonal balance." Dan Frakes at Macworld points out that the iGrado headphones have the same drivers as some of the larger Grado headphones. The open design of the iGrado headphone's earpieces means they leak sound and may not be suitable for commuting or use in quiet spaces.

ProsGood sound quality for the price, CompactConsNot adjustable, Bulkier than some other wraparounds


Not for everyone. The Grado iGrado uses a neckband rather than a headband to connect the earpieces, and What Hi-Fi? magazine says "that some folk might not find the neckband design quite as comfortable as other options out there."'s Mike Kobrin isn't among them, saying he found the headphones comfortable to wear while dinging them pretty thoroughly on performance and style.


Good value if you don't mind the design. Critics say that among competing headphones, the Grado iGrado is a pretty good value. As an example, Dan Frakes at Macworld writes that "the iGrado is a good set of headphones that gives you impressive sound quality and good comfort for a reasonable price."

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Our Sources


Grado Labs iGrado, Mike Kobrin, Sept. 19, 2006 reviewer Mike Kobrin isn't particularly impressed by the iGrado headphones, awarding them a 2.5-out-of-5 score. He says they lack the "retro chic" of larger Grados and, despite having the same drivers as some, sound worse thanks to a different enclosure and smaller ear cups.

2. Macworld

Grado iGrado Headphones, Dan Frakes, Dec. 28, 2006

Dan Frakes, writing for Macworld, reviews the Grado iGrado headphones. He finds the iGrados are more comfortable and balanced-sounding than Sennheiser's street-style headphones. But the iGrado "isn't likely to win any beauty pageants," Frakes says, adding that looks are likely the biggest weakness of these headphones. He awards the iGrado headphones 4 out of 5 mice.

3. What Hi-Fi?

Grado iGrado, Editors of What Hi-Fi?, Not Dated

The U.K.'s What Hi-Fi? magazine regularly reviews headphones and other audiophile accessories, though individual write-ups are very short. In this brief review, the iGrado headphones get 5 out of 5 stars, with editors praising their sound quality and value.


Grado iGrado Headphones, Contributors to, As of May 2014

Roughly 120 users post their thoughts about the iGrado headphones on The iGrado garners an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. Some find the fit too tight, while others say the sound quality doesn't quite measure up to other Grado headphones.