PSB Speakers M4U 2 Review

Updated May 31, 2014
PSB Speakers M4U 2
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Experts agree that the PSB Speakers M4U 2 noise-canceling headphones can't match the noise-quieting power of the Bose QuietComfort 15. Its audio quality, however, is definitely superior. They're pricier than the Bose headphones, and some users find them less comfortable, but if you want the best overall sound from noise-canceling headphones, experts say you can't do better than the PSB M4U 2.


Best sound for noise-canceling headphones. CNET's Steve Guttenberg says PSB Speakers M4U 2 noise-canceling headphones offer excellent sound quality. "The bass, midrange, and treble balance is flawless," he says, "so it sounds great with rock, electronica, jazz, classical, and in fact every type of music." The editors at agree, saying the PSB's sound is "incredible, and much better than the Bose." When it comes to noise cancellation, they admit, the PSB M4U 2 can't match the Bose QuietComfort 15's performance, but it's still better than average. Some users at note that these pricey headphones need about a day of use, known as "burn-in time," before they sound their best.

ProsSuperior sound quality, Good noise cancellation, Active and passive modes, Comfortable for most usersConsToo tight or heavy for some users, Higher cost than most competitors


Doesn't fit everyone. The PSB Speakers M4U 2 headphones get generally good reviews for comfort. Guttenberg notes that with these headphones, "I'm less aware of the mild noise-canceling 'pressure' that's a common problem with many powered noise-canceling headphones" -- a sensation similar to the pressure you feel when changing altitude in a plane. However, users at are somewhat divided on the comfort issue. Most users find the headphones extremely comfortable, even for long-term use. Some, however, say they're too heavy and squeeze the head too tightly, causing headaches. Also, because these are closed-back, over-ears headphones, the vinyl pads may become warm or sticky with prolonged use.


A few caveats. At $400, the PSB Speakers M4U 2 are among the priciest noise-canceling headphones we've seen. However, they have one advantage that some other models lack: They can run in passive mode, with all noise-canceling features turned off. This means that unlike the Bose QuietComfort 15, they'll still work when the batteries run out. However, there are a couple of minor problems to watch out for. First, we found a few complaints from Amazon reviewers that the M4U 2 breaks easily -- a troubling problem for such pricey headphones. The headphones are backed by a two-year warranty.

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