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Omron HR-100C

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March 2013
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Omron HR-100C

  • Inexpensive
  • Simple operation
  • No computer uplink
  • Chest strap may require moistening
  • Doesn't record averages or totals
  • Chest strap loses elasticity
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Bottom Line

The Omron HR-100C is a good choice for a heart-rate monitor when price is an issue or you need only the most basic features. It doesn't report averages or totals, just continuous heart rate.


Heart rate and nothing else. As a very basic heart-rate monitor, the Omron HR-100C might be best described as a full-functioning watch with a heart-rate reading feature. Monitoring your heart rate to stay in a target zone helps you get the most out of your workout, and the HR-100C has an audible alert to help keep users working at the proper intensity. However, it reads and displays nothing but instant heart rate; workout results such as average heart rate, calories burned and more aren't shown. The Omron does have a stopwatch feature, but no interval timer.

Besides being short on features, the accuracy of this simple heart-rate monitor is questionable. Most consumers praise its low cost, but about 25 percent report erratic readings and sometimes none at all. They say the time required to receive a pulse reading varies immensely, from instantly to almost 30 seconds. The HR-100C's batteries are user-replaceable and, according to users, last approximately three months with consistent use.

Ease Of Use

Simple functions, controls. With only basic functions, the Omron HR-100C is simple to operate. One Amazon user says, "The controls are pretty much intuitive." The display has a backlight, which freezes the display when turned on.

One major owner complaint is that the elastic chest strap loosens after regular use. Many also find the chest strap and wristband too large for "petite women" or smaller users.

The HR-100C's chest strap transmitter isn't coded and can sync with some cardio equipment such as treadmills and elliptical trainers, but a few reviewers say their equipment creates interference and prevents syncing to the watch. In addition, users report having to moisten the chest strap sensor pads to obtain an accurate reading.


Hit or miss. Consumer reviews of the Omron HR-100C vary greatly. While most tell a positive story, the negative experiences are dramatic. The most common problems include consistently inaccurate heart-rate readings, readings of zero and a failure to turn on.

The HR-100C has a one-year warranty and Omron offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Shipping charges aren't refundable. Reviewers don't comment much on customer service, although unhappy owners who return the product cite no problems with the process.

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