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Heart-Rate Monitors
by Editors at
Our AssessmentThe editors at evaluate about a dozen chest strap-style and watch-style heart-rate monitors. Scores are based on accuracy, ease of use and versatility. Units are rated and ranked; however, results are available only to subscribers.
June 1, 2016
Who Has the Most Accurate Heart Rate Monitor?
by Mike Prospero
Our AssessmentProspero compares several heart-rate monitors and fitness trackers for accuracy against an electrocardiograph while sitting still, walking at a brisk pace, and running. The Polar H7 wireless heart-rate monitor came out on top, but there was more variance in results with wrist-based monitors. 
As of July 2016
Heart Rate Monitors
by Contributors to
Our lets users post reviews of heart-rate monitors they own. Some units attract hundreds or even thousands of comments, while others get only a handful. Many monitors score similarly, so it's easy to spot both the few that are standouts as well as the few that are more likely to disappoint.
March 9, 2016
Best Heart Rate Monitors and HRM Watches
by James Stables
Our AssessmentThis roundup details four of Wareable's picks for the best chest strap heart-rate monitors, four wrist-based heart-rate monitors and three fitness trackers with heart-rate monitoring. Blurbs are informative, but uniformly positive. Links to more in-depth, balanced reviews are included when available.
May 22, 2014
Do Wristband Heart Trackers Actually Work? A Checkup
by Sharon Profis
Our AssessmentSharon Profis tests five wrist-based heart-rate monitors against an electrocardiograph, finding a percentage of error up to roughly 10 percent at rest and nearly 60 percent during high-intensity exercise. However, technology has advanced in the past two years. More useful are CNET's in-depth looks at recent heart-rate monitors, found under the site's extensive "reviews" section.
As of July 2016
Product Reviews
by Ray Maker
Our AssessmentThis is the personal site of triathlete Ray Maker. There are lots of reviews here for gear for runners, bikers and swimmers, including a handful of heart-rate monitors. Products are not rated or ranked, but the write-ups are incredibly detailed.
Not Dated
by Editors of
Our features in-depth reviews of a few heart-rate monitors, listing pros and cons as well as considering other similar products. Other reviews at PCMag focus mostly on wrist-based fitness trackers aimed at more casual exercisers instead of heart-rate monitors, as well as smartwatches that have some fitness-tracking features.
Aug. 29, 2015
The Best GPS Watch for Running and Training
by Jediah Porter
Our AssessmentWhile this roundup is includes a lot of crossover in fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking, wrist-style heart rate monitors are well-represented. The products each get a thorough review, and are rated and ranked against each other.
April 24, 2015
The Best GPS Watches
by Elizabeth Palermo
Our AssessmentAs with the roundup at, there is some crossover here into the smart watch/GPS watch category, but it's also a good resource for those who want wireless heart rate tracking. Each product gets a thorough review that includes features, comfort, ease of use and other qualifiers.
As of July 2016
Heart Rate Monitors
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentREI customers rate heart-rate monitors on a five-star scale, noting whether they would recommend the product for a friend. Reviews vary in helpfulness but tend to be a bit briefer than those at Garmin, Suunto and Polar are the dominant brands here.
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Heart Rate Monitor Watches Reviews
by Bethany Gordon
Our AssessmentThis site ranks several popular wrist-based monitors, but rankings are not based on first-hand testing by experts or real-world use by owners -- just features. Still, the site offers a handy way to compare features that are important to would-be owners.
As of July 2016
Fitness and Exercise
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentAt, customers can post their opinions on products they've purchased. Heart-rate monitors are covered in different categories here, so a site wide search for heart-rate monitors might be needed to find various models. Some heart-rate monitors only get a few comments, others more than 100 reviews.

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