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Heart Rate Monitors: Ratings of Sources

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Heart-Rate Monitors
by Editors at
Our AssessmentThe editors at evaluate five chest strap-style heart-rate monitors and nine watch-style monitors. Scores are based on accuracy and ease of use and versatility. Units are rated and ranked; however, results are available only to subscribers.
As of January 2015
Heart Rate Monitors
by Contributors to
Our lets users post reviews of heart-rate monitors they own. Some units attract hundreds or even thousands of comments while others get only a handful. Many monitors score similarly, so it's easy to spot both the few that are standouts as well as the few that are more likely to disappoint.
As of January 2015
Health & Fitness
by Jill Duffy
Our covers fitness-related gadgets here, including several heart-rate monitors. Reports are well detailed and testing based, but reviews can be a little hard to find among the other coverage here.
December 10, 2014
Top 8 Heart Rate Monitors Under 100 Dollars
by Wendy Bumgardner
Our walking expert Wendy Bumgardner lists eight cheap heart rate monitors, including wrist models and Bluetooth chest straps meant for use with exercise gear or a smart phone. Write ups are short, but links to longer reviews are available for some heart rate monitors.
June 1, 2014
Top 7 Heart Rate Monitors Over 100 Dollars
by Wendy Bumgardner
Our AssessmentHere,'s Bumgardner lists the best heart rate monitors over $100. Coverage is similar to the site's report on cheap heart rate monitors, though only a couple of models get longer, hands-on reviews.
As of January 2015
Product Reviews
by Ray Maker
Our AssessmentThis is the personal site of triathlete Ray Maker. There are lots of reviews here for gear for runners, bikers and swimmers, including a handful of heart rate monitors. Products are not rated or ranked, but the write ups are incredibly detailed. An article on "sports gadget recommendations" for the winter of 2014-2015 includes two wireless Bluetooth heart monitors.
As of January 2015
Heart-Rate Monitors
by Editors of
Our AssessmentThe U.K.'s evaluates more than 35 heart-rate monitors, many of which are also available in the United States. Each unit is tested and scored. Not surprisingly, the reviews are geared toward cyclists, and some originally appeared in sister sites and publications.
As of January 2015
Fitness Electronics Reviews: Product Reviews
by Editors of
Our AssessmentSite editors "John," "Katie" and "James" review a good assortment of fitness electronics, including heart rate monitors and wireless heart rate monitor straps. Testing is conducted but commentary isn't extensive, although it's sometimes supplemented with videos. Recommendations are made, but ratings and rankings aren't provided.
As of January 2015
Heart Rate Monitors
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentThis is an online retailer of fitness products, including heart-rate monitors. While the site lists top picks, those are based on sales popularity; its real value can be found in its user reviews. Although not all heart-rate monitors get tons of feedback, some better-selling models attract a number of comments and customers provide ratings.
As of January 2015
by Ross Middleton
Our AssessmentThis is the personal blog of Ross Middleton, a triathlete based in London, England. It includes a number of reviews of training gear, including heart rate monitors. Reviews are based on hands-on use and are extensive and well-illustrated. Opinions are offered, but explicit recommendations as to which heart rate monitor is best are not made.
July 28, 2014
Mio Link Wrist Mounted Heart Rate Monitor Review: A Runner's Perspective
by Pete Larson
Our AssessmentThis avid runner reviews heart rate monitors on occasion, including the Mio Link. Comments are in depth and reflect personal testing. Other heart rate monitors are covered here as well, but you'll need to search this blog-style site to find those.
As of January 2015
Fitness and Exercise
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentAt, customers can post their opinions on products they've purchased. Heart-rate monitors are covered in different categories here, so a site wide search for heart-rate monitors might be needed to find various models. Some heart rate monitors only get a few comments, others more than 100 reviews.
As of January 2015
Heart Rate Monitors
by Contributors to
Our also allows users to post personal reviews on products purchased, and some provide helpful information. Some heart-rate monitors get reasonable amounts of feedback, though others attract only a comment or two.
14. Outside
May 1, 2014
Heart-Rate Monitors: To Use or Not to Use
by Berne Broudy
Our AssessmentThis article tackles the question of whether or not a heart rate monitor is an essential or even helpful tool for training. It lists a few watches that Berne Broudy describes as "our favorites," though the basis for that recommendation is not described. Coverage of additional heart rate monitors can be found elsewhere on the site.
15. Men's Journal
As of January 2015
Gear Lab
by Editors of Men's Journal
Our AssessmentMen's Journal covers heart rate monitors in short reviews. Finding them is a challenge, however; the best technique might be to specifically search using the name of the monitor. Some write-ups show evidence of testing, but others are little more than a product description.

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