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Black & Decker TR117

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April 2014
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Black & Decker TR117

  • Very light
  • Easy to handle
  • Quiet
  • Plenty of power for small stuff
  • Not for heavy use
  • Short blade
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Bottom line

The Black & Decker TR117 electric hedge trimmer excels at light, occasional trimming jobs. It's universally loved for being so light (4.3 pounds) and easy to handle, and it cuts cleanly through small branches and twigs; branches up to its 5/8-inch maximum may require an over-under cut. The only things missing are a rotating blade and an on-lock feature for the trigger.


Plenty of power for light work. The 3.2-amp Black & Decker TR117 electric hedge trimmer has plenty of power for light work and occasional use. It excels when used on groups of small branches: "It cuts quickly and sharply as long as you move the blade through rather than hold still and chew," writes one reviewer at Owners say the TR117 lives up to the promise of cutting branches up to 5/8 inch thick, although near-capacity branches may require an over-under cut. It's quiet, too -- although if you have a large hedge to deal with, you'll want something longer than this trimmer's 17-inch blade.

Ease of use

A real lightweight -- in a good way. At 4.3 pounds, the Black & Decker TR117 is the smallest and lightest hedge trimmer in this report. It draws lots of praise for how easy it is to use and move around, making it perfect for light, occasional trimming jobs. Because of this, the TR117 is a particular favorite with women -- although men love its maneuverability too. The only assembly required is unscrewing two Phillips-head screws, inserting the guard and then replacing the screws -- dead easy.


Basic, but lasts. The Black & Decker TR117's trigger has a safety lock when in the off position, but does not lock in the "on" position. Although a few owners wish for an on-lock option, it's not as big a deal with a trimmer meant for small, short jobs as it would be for a larger trimmer. Meanwhile, the cord lock, which keeps the extension cord from unplugging while in use, is a favorite feature. The TR117 comes with a two-year warranty and gets very good reviews for its durability with light use.

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Black & Decker TR117 3.2-Amp Hedge Trimmer, 17-Inch

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More than 80 reviewers give the Black & Decker TR117 an average score of 4.6 stars out of 5 possible. They say it's light and easy to use, but best for small branches; if you have a large or very tall hedge, this probably is not the hedge trimmer for you.

Review: Black & Decker TR117 3.2-Amp Hedge Trimmer, 17-Inch, Contributors to, As of April 2014


More than 70 reviewers give the Black & Decker TR117 an average score of 4.5 stars out of 5 at Praise is near-unanimous for its light weight and small size, ease of handling and durability for occasional use. It's also a particular favorite with women.

Review: Black & Decker 3.2-Amp 17-in Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer, Contributors to, As of April 2014

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