Hedge Trimmers: Expert and User Reviews

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Hedge Trimmers: Ratings of Sources

1. Popular Mechanics The 4 Best Hedge Trimmers You Can Buy, Roy Berendsohn, Apr. 10, 2015
Popular Mechanics tests cordless hedge trimmers by trimming yews, boxwoods and a tall, 60-foot hedge. These are the four top trimmers. All have their strengths and weaknesses. A top pick is named, but the competition isn't far behind.
2. ProToolReviews.com Landscaping, Editors of ProToolReviews.com, As of May 2016
ProToolReviews.com has a host of reviews of landscaping equipment, including hedge trimmers. All reviews are written by landscapers and other gardening professionals. The quality of the reviews can vary, but all are hands on and provide good insights. The reviews are scattered among those for other gardening tools, so you'll need to scroll or search to see if a hedge trimmer you are interested in is covered, but if it is, that is worth the effort.
3. Amazon.com Hedge Trimmers, Contributors to Amazon.com, As of May 2016
Amazon.com stocks a wide range of hedge trimmers, and several models receive hundreds of user comments. User reviews here are often more detailed than found on similar sites, and all are unique to Amazon.com. This is an excellent site for learning about ease of use in real-world settings, as well as any long-term issues.
4. HomeDepot.com Hedge Trimmers, Contributors to HomeDepot.com, As of May 2016
Do-it-yourself retailer HomeDepot.com sells many power tools, including hedge trimmers. Shoppers are able to leave reviews for products and browse other people's feedback before purchasing an item. Many reviews are from HomeDepot.com users, others are originally posted on manufacturer websites and can be seen elsewhere as well. Still, HomeDepot.com offers a good reflection on the long-term, real-world use of hedge trimmers.
5. Lowes.com Hedge Trimmers, Contributors to Lowes.com, As of May 2016
Like HomeDepot.com, hardware and home-improvement retailer Lowes.com offers customers the option to review products listed on the site. There are fewer reviews here than at other home and garden retailers, and, again, some reviews are taken from manufacturer sites, but feedback tends to be thorough and honest.
6. StringTrimmersDirect.com Hedge Trimmers, Marissa Munoz and contributors to StringTrimmersDirect.com, As of May 2016
StringTrimmersDirect.com is an online retailer of all sorts of lawn and garden equipment, including hedge trimmers. Nearly 55 models are listed, though most only have limited feedback, all reviews here look to be from the site's users. Product expert Marissa Munoz also weighs in with her take on which hedge trimmers are recommended along with brief comments on pluses, but there's no indication of how those recommendations were reached and if any testing was done.
7. Sears.com Hedge Trimmers, Contributors to Sears.com, As of May 2016
Sears.com is a popular destination for many types of tools, including hedge trimmers. The website offers shoppers the option of sharing their experiences of products they own. Lots of hedge trimmers are listed, though only a few of the models are sold by Sears itself. This is the best destination to read reviews of Craftsman hedge trimmers.
8. Popular Mechanics Backyard Battle: Gas vs. Electric Lawn Tools, Evan Rothman, July 29, 2011
In this older review, Evan Rothman asks two professional golf course groomers to test the cordless Stihl HSA 65 (now discontinued and replaced by the Stihl HSA 66) and the gas-powered Husqvarna 122HD45. They prefer the lightweight Stihl, but say the Husqvarna is better for big jobs.
9. ConsumerReports.org Hedge Trimmers: Safe, Powerful Electrics, Editors of ConsumerReports.org, May 2008
In this older report, editors of ConsumerReports.org discuss the various types of trimmers available on the market and what you should expect from each, along with basic trimmer safety. Though types of hedge trimmers are discussed, ratings of models are not provided.