High Chairs : Ratings of Sources

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High Chairs: Ratings of Sources

1. Baby Bargains Chapter 6: Feeding Baby: Breastfeeding, Bottles, High Chairs, Denise and Alan Fields, 2015, 11th edition
Parents and consumer advocates Denise and Alan Fields test many of the products featured in this baby-gear book, and parent interviews also factor into the ratings. The book includes shopping tips and reviews of selected manufacturers, along with ratings and a section of top picks. In a chapter devoted to high chairs, a chart compares 27 models with ratings for overall quality.
2. BabyGearLab.com The Battle of the Best High Chair, Jessica Stevenson and Baby Gear Lab Editors, May 11, 2015
The editors of BabyGearLab.com review nine popular high chairs, subjecting them to tests that include ease of use, ease of cleaning, setup and portability. Product reviews are highly descriptive and detailed, going through each high chair feature by feature and discussing how it fared during testing. Separate pages offer reviews and rankings of six portable high chairs.
3. TheNightLight.com The Best Full-Size High Chair , Sarah Hale Meitner, Not Dated
Meitner and others researched more than two dozen high chairs to make their pick. The review includes detailed rundowns of pros and cons, and two runners-up for parents who may want more or fewer features or a different price point. A detailed buying guide also helps parents focus on what's really important in a high chair. A separate page offers picks for portable high chairs.
4. BabyCenter.com 2016 Moms' Picks: Best Highchairs, Editors of BabyCenter.com, 2016
BabyCenter.com names an overall winner and five finalists in the high chair category of its annual Moms' Picks Awards, based on results of a survey of more than 8,000 parents. Picks are accompanied by editors' reviews and ratings, and quotes from parents. Special awards are also given for value, quality, looks, ease of use and space-saving abilities. The site also has in-depth reviews on other high chairs.
5. ConsumerReports.org High Chairs , Editors of ConsumerReports.org, Not Dated
ConsumerReports.org editors test 37 popular high chair models for performance, reliability and safety issues. High chairs are ranked and compared, and several are designated as "recommended" or "best buys." One is labeled "don't buy -- safety risk." Several of the high chairs in this report are included in the testing.
6. LuciesList.com High Chairs, Editors of LuciesList.com, Not Dated
LuciesList.com is a site devoted to recommending the best baby gear for new parents. Founder Meg Collins is a former Child Passenger Safety Technician who recommends 12 standalone and portable high chairs at a variety of price points.
7. Good Housekeeping The Safest – and Most Stylish – High Chairs, Editors of Good Housekeeping, March 18, 2016
Testers with Good Housekeeping rated 28 high chairs, considering ease of use, comfort, design, foldability and more. This article reveals six of their top picks. Editors name the best overall seat as well as picks for portability, convertibility, small footprint and good design.
8. Baby List Best High Chairs of 2016, Editors of Baby List, May 28, 2016
Baby List is a universal baby-gear registry that expectant parents can use with any online retailer. Editors surveyed thousands of families to find out their top high chair picks, then added their own research to arrive at this high-chair roundup. It features eight picks for several lifestyles, including a budget chair, a space-saver, and convertible and portable options.
9. Amazon.com High Chairs, Contributors to Amazon.com, As of September 2016
Amazon.com is an invaluable source of a wide range of thoughtful, in-depth customer reviews. They also give a glimpse into the long-term, real-life experiences of parents that expert reviews simply can't match. This is a good gauge of a high chair's ease of use and durability, and highlights safety issues that may crop up.
10. Target.com High Chairs, Contributors to Target.com, As of September 2016
While Target.com does not have the sheer volume of reviews that Amazon.com has, the posts tend to be detailed and thorough. Quite a few high chairs are reviewed here, and several of our top picks get a large amount of feedback. Like Amazon.com, Target.com uses a 5-star rating system, but when there is more than one model or fabric option, reviews tend to be scattered across the site.
11. Babies 'R' Us High Chairs, Contributors to BabiesRUs.com, As of September 2016
There isn't as much feedback here as at other consumer review sites and it tends to be more difficult to sort through to find the top products. While the star rating for each chair is clearly noted on the home page, the number of reviews are not included, so you have to click through to see if that rating is based upon hundreds of reviews or just a small handful.
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