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High Chairs: Ratings of Sources

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1. Baby Bargains
2013, 10th edition
Chapter 6: Feeding Baby: Breastfeeding, Bottles, High Chairs
by Denise and Alan Fields
Our AssessmentParents and consumer advocates Denise and Alan Fields test many of the products featured in this baby-gear book, and parent interviews also factor into the ratings. The book includes shopping tips and reviews of selected manufacturers, along with ratings and a section of top picks. In a chapter devoted to high chairs, a chart compares 19 models with ratings for overall quality.
Not Dated
High Chairs Overview, Ratings, and Recommended
by Editors of
Our editors test 33 popular high chair models for performance, reliability and safety issues. High chairs are ranked and compared, and several are designated as "recommended" or "best buys." Four are labeled "don't buy -- safety risk." Several of the high chairs in this report are included in the testing.
Feb. 25, 2013
We Love, You Need: The Best High Chairs of 2013. Which One Should You Buy?
by Kate Bayless
Our AssessmentBaby products blogger Kate Bayless names the top 18 high chairs after each is tested by both Bayless and a parent. Reviews are thorough and include pros and cons from both testers, and each product is given an overall rating. In addition, Bayless notes the particular lifestyle feature of each model, designating it "best modern" or "best budget," for example.
The Best Highchairs
by Editors of
Our AssessmentTo choose the top five high chairs, editors factor in their own experiences as parents to narrow the choices to those products with the top features parents look for in a high chair. Then, they consult parent reviews from their blog and across the web. These chairs are part of the 2013 product awards roundup.
As of March 2014
High Chairs
by Contributors to
Our is an invaluable source of a wide range of thoughtful, in-depth customer reviews. They also give a glimpse into the long-term, real-life experiences of parents that expert reviews simply can't match. This is a good gauge of a high chair's ease of use and durability, and highlights safety issues that may crop up.
As of March 2014
High Chairs
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentWhile does not have the sheer volume of reviews that has, the posts tend to be detailed and thorough. Quite a few high chairs are reviewed here, and several of our top picks get a large amount of feedback. Like, uses a 5-star rating system, but when there is more than one model or fabric option, reviews tend to be scattered across the site.
7. Babies 'R' Us
As of March 2014
High Chairs
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentThere isn't as much feedback here as at other consumer review sites. Compared to other more informative sources, these comments are collected based on the top-ranked seats.
June 14, 2012
High Chair Review
by "Lindsey"
Our AssessmentThe creator and owner of reviews and rates four high chairs, giving the highlights and lowlights of each. Several of our top choices are represented. Lindsey doesn't seem to have tested the chairs, but says her list is based on extensive research.
Not dated
Top 8 High Chairs for Babies
by Heather Corley
Our AssessmentHeather Corley,'s guide to baby products, names her picks for the top high chairs. Her criteria include ease of use and lifestyle issues. There is no mention of actual testing and the reviews are not comparative. The Fisher-Price Rainforest High Chair occupies the top spot.
Not dated
Baby Chairs for Grandparents' Houses
by Susan Adcox
Our guide Susan Adcox recommends 12 high chairs in this review, including boosters and feeding seats such as the Bumbo and bebePod that are not technically high chairs.
Top Modern High Chairs
by Heather Corley
Our AssessmentHeather Corley,'s guide to baby products, highlights some high chairs with modern designs. Reviews are comparative and thorough. In addition to looks, she discusses ease of use and cleaning. Boon Flair tops this list.
Not dated
Reader-Tested High Chairs
by Editors of
Our AssessmentThis site provides very brief reviews from a family perspective. The Fisher-Price Healthy Care is tested by Leah and David Goymer with Sarah, 14 months; Andrew, 5; and Philip, 9, from Nampa, Idaho. This appears to be an older review, since there is a complaint about the shoulder straps being hard to clean. Fisher-Price corrected that issue a couple of years ago by making the straps removable and washable.

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