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Osprey Aether

*Est. $250
March 2013
by ConsumerSearch
Osprey Aether

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Custom fit
  • Small number of pockets
  • Not water resistant
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Bottom Line

The Osprey Aether is renowned for its molded fit and sleek, simple design. It is perfect for longer hikes and can also be converted to a daypack. Although many will argue there are better packs out there, for this price it is hard to compete with the Aether. It comes in 60-, 70- and 85-liter sizes.


Simply comfortable. Osprey custom-molds their hip belts to match the wearer. One reviewer on explains they did this, "... to soften it up, and then asked me to put it on and wear it for 10 minutes whilst it cooled to the shape of my own waist." This is what makes the Osprey Aether, as well as other Osprey packs, so comfortable. The bag comes in multiple sizes, including 60, 70, and 85 liters, but 60 liters should be enough for some extended trips so long as you pack well.

Even when carrying heavy loads, the bag properly disperses the weight, owners say. Blogger Philip Sneyd says, "it hardly feels like it is there at all, until you bend over and have to lift yourself up again." A number of owners say it holds more than it looks like it will, and you have to be careful to resist the tendency to over pack.

Ease Of Use

Short on pockets. Many users of the Osprey Aether feel that the pack's four external pockets are not enough. Competing bags have as many as eight or more. Depending on your needs this should be taken into consideration. For most, though, the pack has plenty of room to store supplies for extended trips. For shorter trips the bag can be converted into a lumbar pack.


Tough enough. The Osprey Aether is made from durable fabrics for lightweight, rip-resistant performance. "It is pretty bulletproof for what I have put it through -- snow, ice, dirt, etc. and no issues," Sneyd says after taking the pack for a few mountain climbs. Another customer who reviewed the pack on notes there were some minor durability issues. His first day out he wore through some of the outer fabric of the pouch; however, it still functions properly. For the most part this bag has been known to last for several years.

Customer Service

Best of the best. The Osprey Aether is covered by Osprey's lifetime warranty, and according to many customers it is a particularly good one. One reviewer at notes that a strap had torn from his pack after around four years of use. He contacted the company expecting a replacement strap. However, Osprey sent him a brand new pack of an updated model. "So if you have an Osprey and your pack fails (even after years of use), they've got you covered."

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6. A Journey from Obesity to Mount Everest

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Review Credibility: Fair provides a forum for enthusiasts to discuss experiences of all sorts dealing with hiking and adventuring. One of the forums discusses the high quality of customer service received from Osprey, although it was not for the Aether 85.

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