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Hiking Backpacks: Ratings of Sources

Total of 26 Sources
1. OutdoorGearLab.com
Jan. 1, 2013
The Best Backpacking Backpack Review
by Ian Nicholson and Chris McNamara
Our AssessmentOutdoorGearLab.com tests and ranks 11 hiking backpacks side by side. This extensive test took place over five months and involved living out of the bags on actual trips. The top three ranked packs were the Arc'teryx Altra 65, Gregory Baltoro 65 and the Osprey Aether 60. These rankings were based on features, pros, cons, price and many other important factors.
2. Backpacker.com
As of March 2013
by Editors of Backpacker.com
Our AssessmentBackpacker.com offers a wealth of information on everything hiking related. A section of their website is devoted to gear reviews. The products are tested directly by the reviewers. This is an excellent way to discover the pros and cons of any backpack you may be considering.
3. Backpack Gear Test
As of March 2013
by Contributors to BackpackGearTest.com
Our AssessmentBackpackGearTest.com delivers a large number of expert reviews on various types of outdoor equipment. You are able to view in-depth reviews on hiking backpacks of all sorts based on the writers' own personal experience while testing the bag. Several testers may contribute to any single pack.
4. TheBigOutside.com
As of March 2013
Category Archives: Gear Reviews
by Michael Lanza
Our AssessmentTheBigOutside.com is a project started by Michael Lanza, documenting his adventures through the outdoors. Included on the website are gear reviews. The author tests the products himself and carefully documents all of his findings. Aside from reviews, you can also find tips and advice for planning and taking trips.
5. Adventure Reports
June 5, 2011
Gregory Baltoro 75
by "Billy"
Our AssessmentAdventure Reports is a website run by three outdoor enthusiasts, including this reviewer. Their site is gear focused and features many reviews on various types of hiking gear. They test these products themselves and rate the performance of each.
6. GingerRunner.com
March 2, 2012
Review: Gregory Baltoro 65 Backpack
by Ethan Newberry
Our AssessmentGingerRunner.com is the website of outdoor enthusiast Ethan Newberry. The site features a blog, training and nutrition tips, and reviews. Newberry touches on subjects like running, training, and gear that he tests himself. Reviews tend to be thorough and informative, although he does not compare products.
7. Amazon.com
As of March 2013
Backpacks & Bags
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com provides a place for customers of hiking backpacks to leave comments. In these comments customers are encouraged to announce their opinions, whether good or bad, on a particular product. Amazon is an excellent source to gain some insight on a given product before deciding to purchase it.
8. Trailspace.com
As of March 2013
by Contributors to Trailspace.com
Our AssessmentTrailspace.com allows users to post comments on various sorts of outdoor adventure gear. On the site you are able to write reviews, post comments and view where to purchase an item. This can provide some valuable user feedback if you are considering making a purchase.
9. BackpackingLight.com
As of March 2013
BackpackingLight.com Forums
by Contributors to BackpackingLight.com
Our AssessmentBackpackingLight.com is a forum centered on hiking and other outdoor sports. Users are able to contribute to the site by posting opinions, questions and answers for others.
10. GetOutsideMore.com
May 18, 2010
Review- Arc'teryx Altra 65 Backpack
by Editors of GetOutsideMore.com
Our AssessmentGetOutsideMore.com is a website for outdoor enthusiasts that features mountain biking and hiking. Posts can range in topic in everything from photos and videos to gear reviews.
11. GraniteMountaineer.com
July 15, 2010
Review: Altra vs. Bora
by Editors at GraniteMountaineer.com
Our AssessmentGraniteMountaineer.com is devoted to reviewing products for backpacking and hiking. The site includes gear from the industry's top manufacturers. At times they will even compare two or more pieces of gear to determine which is best, as they do in this thorough review.
12. Gear:30
May 2, 2012
Arc'teryx Altra 65 Backpack Review
by Greg Reynolds
Our AssessmentGear:30 is a Utah-based website that features posts on gear and other hiking supplies. The products in review are tested during author Greg Reynolds' multi-day outings into the Utah wilderness.
13. SummitPost.org
Feb. 28, 2011
Gregory Baltoro 70 Backpack
by Contributors to SummitPost.org
Our AssessmentSummitPost.org is an online community where outdoor adventure enthusiasts come together to share reviews, photos, stories, and to meet new people.
14. Backcountry.com
As of March 2013
Gregory Baltoro 65 Backpack
by Contributors to BackCountry.com
Our AssessmentOnline retailer BackCountry.com sells sports and recreation equipment. Customers are encouraged to post their opinions and questions. Their input provides some useful insight into a given piece of gear.
15. Best Camping Supplies
Not dated
Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Backpack Review
by Editors of Best Camping Supplies
Our AssessmentBloggers test and review outdoor and adventure gear on this site. The authors, who use and test the gear themselves, conduct the extensive reviews on these products.
16. UndiscoveredEarth.com
Not dated
Product Review -- Osprey Women's Ariel 75
by Dagny McKinley
Our AssessmentDagny McKinley, a writer and outdoor enthusiast, operates UndiscoveredEarth.com. Her website features environmental news, product reviews, various profiles, stories, fiction and poetry.
17. HikingTheOzarks.com
Not dated
Osprey Ariel 75
by Tess Flood
Our AssessmentHikingTheOzarks.com was founded in order for others to come together and share their love of the outdoors. The site contains various tips, gear reviews and other stories pertaining to the outdoors.
18. SouthernPass.com
Aug. 13, 2012
Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack
by Robert Cooper
Our AssessmentSouthernPass.com is run by a small group of self-proclaimed "outdoor gear junkies." These enthusiasts test equipment and make recommendations based on their findings.
19. ColoradoHikersGuide.com
Jan. 15, 2011
Arcteryx Altra Backpack for Women
by "Kimberly "
Our AssessmentSome of this blogger's reviews are based on her own experiences, while others are based solely on extensive research. Content includes reviews of products, including hiking backpacks, and information on hiking in Colorado.
20. Mountain Equipment Co-Op
As of March 2013
Arc'teryx Arc'teryx Altra 62 Backpack (Women's)
by Contributors to Mountain Equipment Co-op
Our AssessmentMountain Equipment Co-op lists a large variety of hiking and camping gear for sale on their website. Also on this site is a space for customers to contribute their thoughts and opinions on any given product.
21. Tjamrog.wordpress.com
October 21, 2010
Warrantee service from Arc'teryx sucks!
by Unknown
Our AssessmentThis blog contains various posts including everything from stories and articles to the occasional product review.
22. EZineArticles.com
June 14, 2012
Kelty Redwing 50 Review
by Alex Burciaga
Our AssessmentEzineArticles.com features various articles on a wide range of categories, among them travel and leisure. In this section, you will find articles pertaining to hiking backpacks and other outdoor gear, including this review of the Kelty Redwing 50.
23. HerPackingList.com
Nov. 22, 2012
Meet Connie Hum and Her Kelty Redwing 50
by "Caroline"
Our AssessmentAn informative website for women who like to travel, HerPackingList.com mainly provides tips on how to pack, what to pack and what to pack it in.
24. TrekAndRun.com
Not dated
Osprey Aether 70 Litre Pack
by Editors of TrekAndRun.com
Our AssessmentTrekAndRun.com is a DIY website founded by outdoor enthusiasts. Just as the name implies, the site features reviews on hiking and running gear.
Backpack- Osprey Aether 85- Real Life Review
by Philip Sneyd
Our AssessmentPhilip Sneyd documents his weight-loss journey and passion for global travel and adventure on this website. Along the way he has reviewed much of the gear that he has used in his travels.
26. NWHikers.net
As of March 2013
Gear Talk: Osprey Customer Service
by Contributors to NWHikers.net
Our AssessmentNWHikers.net is a discussion forum set up for outdoor enthusiasts to come together and share experiences and ideas.
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