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Teton Sports Explorer 4000

*Est. $80
March 2013
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Teton Sports Explorer 4000

Cheap Hiking Backpack

  • Water resistant
  • Tough, durable fabric
  • Comfortable
  • Small sleeping bag compartment
  • Prone to broken seams
  • Clips may break
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Bottom Line

While it isn't the most durable hiking backpack on the market, the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 is one of the most affordable. This pack is great for beginning backpackers or for those on a budget who don't want to sacrifice too much of the quality found in many high-end bags.


Highly adjustable. Owners say the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 is a very comfortable backpack, thanks to its fully adjustable torso, shoulder and hip straps. Taller reviewers say they packed the Explorer to its absolute max -- about 40 pounds -- and it did a great job of holding the gear while still remaining a comfortable carry. Others say the versatile packing options make it a great backpack for weekend trips through the countryside or long hikes across Europe.

There are a few complaints from users about improper weight distribution, with some saying they felt the weight rested too much on their shoulders, making it uncomfortable. Others say this is because the waist belt requires some fiddling to get the weight distribution correct, while others feel this is a better pack, fit-wise, for a taller person.

Some reviewers find that the sleeping bag compartment is too small, but a bag will fit in the main compartment. In other words, use the compartments as they best fit your gear, rather than as Teton Sports may recommend. The Explorer 4000 is equipped with rain flaps covering the zippers and includes a rain fly, but some users complain the fly is a bit too small when the bag is fully packed.

Ease Of Use

Limited space. Although 65 liters is not a small amount of space, many seem to find the arrangement of the bag's compartments a bit inconvenient on the Teton Sports Explorer 4000. "The side pocket space was limited," writes one reviewer on It also can take some fiddling to adjust the waist belt to fit properly and evenly distribute the load, reviewers say.


Things fall apart. There are many reviews on claiming the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 is a durable bag. However, reading deeper shows even some of the more positive reviews complain of zippers, seams and buckles malfunctioning or simply falling off. The 600D diamond ripstop material from which the Explorer 4000 is made is very resistant to wear and tear, but there are complaints of broken zippers and plastic parts.

Customer Service

Good reports for warranty replacements. The Teton Sports Explorer 4000 comes with a lifetime warranty. Reviewers say customer service was quick to send replacements, and there were no quibbles about what was covered under the warranty.

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TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack (Grey)

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