Asolo PowerMatic 200 GV

  • Excellent support
  • Multiple widths for men
  • Infallible waterproofing
  • Durable
  • Heavy
  • Iffy breathability
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Bottom Line

The Asolo Power Matic 200 GV is a bombproof, waterproof hiking boot with plenty of stiff ankle support. It breaks in quickly, does a great job of protecting your foot and has what Backpacker Magazine describes as "infallible" Gore-Tex waterproofing. The pulley lacing system is another high point. Potential downsides include a relatively fast-wearing sole and mixed reviews about traction in wet conditions.

Fit and Comfort

Comfortable right out of the box. A number of owners report that they comfortably wore their Asolo boots from day one or after just a short break-in period. Every so often, however, someone has to add a gel heel pad to prevent blisters.

The Power Matic 200 GV is praised by editors at for its "snug fit, well-padded insole and great support." Wearers agree with each point except the insole, which one user actually calls "wimpy." The usual solution is to substitute your own insole of choice; if you have a low-profile foot you can just slip the new insole in without removing the original. Although this boot comes in several widths, a few wide-footed users say even the wide width doesn't offer quite enough room in the toebox.

Reviewers say the Power Matic 200 GV offers plenty of stiff ankle support. They also like its lock-lacing system that makes it very easy to get a snug, comfortable fit, not to mention get in and out of the boot quickly. The pronounced arch is a hit with most users.

At about 3.25 pounds for the average men's pair, the Asolo Power Matic 200 GV is no lightweight, but most wearers purchase them specifically for heavy-duty protection. A rocker curve in the sole makes walking easy; "they always feel heavy when I pick them up to put them on, but they've never felt heavy on my feet," explains one owner.


Weight trade-off. The editors of Backpacker Magazine call the Asolo Power Matic 200 GV's Gore-Tex waterproofing "infallible," setting the tone for user and expert reviews across the board. One owner posts at, "No problems just walking through streams, no sissy rock skipping." A few mixed reviews for breathability are a fairly typical trade-off for such good waterproofing.

Most reviewers say the boot can support heavy loads; Backpacker Magazine recommends it for up to 80 pounds of cargo. "I typically do 3-4 day treks with 55lbs+ pack 10-15 miles a day," writes one user at The Power Matic 200 GV is also stiff enough to be worn with strap-on crampons.

When it comes to protection, owners agree that the Asolo does a great job of keeping your feet safe. "Uncompromising protection, you can throw just about anything at it," says Chris McNamara of in a video review.

Most wearers also compliment the Power Matic 200's traction -- the word "Spiderman" crops up several times -- but there are enough complaints about its performance on wet, slick surfaces to take note. "I've never had a more slippery boot on my feet," says one reviewer at the Mountain Equipment Co-Op, although she remains in the minority.


Bombproof uppers. Editors at compliment the Asolo Power Matic 200's durability, saying "after over three months of constant, brutal use, it carries only minor aesthetic damage. It's a lifetime investment."

Most users agree about the boot's long life. As one avid hiker says, they "still polish to a shine if needed" after three years of daily wear. A couple of others posting to say their Asolo boots are still just fine after three years of heavy use.

Lacing is sometimes a weak point for heavy-duty boots, but reviewers say the Power Matic 200 GV's pulley-based lacing system wears extremely well. That said, the most common complaint is its lack of a rubber toe rand, or toe guard, which is really more of an aesthetic issue; it still protects your toes very well.

There are a few scattered complaints that the sole doesn't wear as well as expected, but most hikers say the material holds up well; one comment is posted after five years of use. Editors at think the Asolo Power Matic 200 GV may last for generations; after months of constant rough use, they say the only damage sustained is aesthetic.

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