Keen Targhee II Mid

  • Roomy, rounded toebox
  • Good traction
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Durability problems
  • Slips on wet rock/sidewalk
  • Not very breathable; long time to dry
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Bottom Line

Reviewers agree that the Keen Targhee II Mid hiking boot is absolutely tops in comfort. Its boxy looks hide a just-right toebox that's spacious without being too roomy. While it has great traction in dry conditions, a number of users say the Targhee II Mid can slip dangerously on wet surfaces.

Fit and Comfort

Deceivingly boxy. The Keen Targhee II isn't known for its svelte look, but the box-like appearance disguises an incredibly comfortable boot, so comfortable that some owners purchase multiple pairs in spite of other shortcomings.

The toebox, which is spacious without being overly roomy, is a big hit with among other expert sources. One review at that represents a good consensus reads: "I went on a 50-mile hike in 24 hours on the Appalachian Trail without breaking these in nearly enough, but they worked beautifully." Keen recommends sizing up at least a half size and users second this; some even go up a full size to get a good fit in this "ridiculously comfortable" boot.

A few women complain about heel slippage, but more users gripe about the laces sometimes coming undone on their own. The editors at point out that the Keen Targhee II Mid gives a remarkable return on support for such a lightweight boot and also comes in a low-cut shoe (MSRP $120).


Great grip in dry conditions. The Keen Targhee II earned rave reviews pre-2009 for its eVent waterproof/breathable membrane. Since Keen switched to a proprietary KeenDry membrane, however, feedback has been somewhat more reserved. Experts at say the Targhee II is tolerable in warm weather, but doesn't breathe well enough to wear in hot weather. Then again, not many waterproof boots fit those criteria.

On the upside, the Targhee II's rubber toeguard wraps around the front of the toe to provide ample protection when hiking over rough terrain. editors report that although the Targhee II doesn't drain water so well, it was still comfortable during long, soggy canyon hikes and grips wet sandstone very well.

Others disagree, panning the boot's traction on wet rock but praising it on all other terrain. "They have NO grip in the wet whatsoever and both my wife and I fell several times just walking on a pavement (sidewalk)," says one reviewer who bought the boots for his honeymoon. Others had trouble getting to the trailhead because of the lack of traction on flat, wet surfaces.


The sole's great -- until it's not. The list of durability complaints for the Keen Targhee II starts with an annoying squeak: "Indoors they squeak something terrible!" notes one user who tried powder and spray lubricant to stop the noise. Nothing worked, and a fair number of others report having the same problem.

Next is a lengthy list of complaints about sole and seam durability. While there are a few happy users -- like one woman who wore her Keen Targhee II boots for more than 300 miles of rough terrain and river crossings, and says they're still waterproof -- stories of the sole delaminating and toe seams unraveling are much more common.

Sometimes the waterproofing on the boots simply fails for no apparent reason, straight out of the box or nearly so. The laces are a recurring problem, as well: A user posting to says the Targhee II's webbing lace loops tear quickly and easily, a complaint echoed by a number of owners at other sites.

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