Merrell Moab Ventilator

Lightweight Hiking Boots/Shoes

  • Very lightweight
  • Well ventilated
  • Excellent traction
  • Flimsy insole
  • Heel padding breaks down
  • Outsole wears relatively fast
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Bottom Line

The lightweight, comfortable Merrell Moab Ventilator is very popular with reviewers who like to take day hikes and short backpacking trips. This shoe's comfort, support and extreme breathability are its biggest selling points. It's also available as a mid-cut boot (*MSRP $100) and a waterproof shoe that's not so breathable (*MSRP $110).

Fit and Comfort

Runs a half-size small. Comfort and a surprising amount of support are two of the Merrell Moab Ventilator's high points; reviewers say if you want a lightweight shoe that's comfortable right out of the box, this is it. It runs about a half-size small and has a roomy toebox, which leaves a few narrow-footed users cold. However, those with wide feet, bunions or Morton's neuroma are pleased.

That said, even a few owners with narrow feet say they can achieve a decent fit. "When I cinch the laces as tight as possible, they work great," writes one. The laces are a sore point for others because they become untied frequently. Some users solve the problem by replacing the laces as well as the "flimsy" insole. A few scattered complaints about toes jamming against the front of the shoe when hiking downhill appear to be largely due to sizing issues.

The only other downside as far as comfort and fit are concerned is what one customer describes as "a slight tendency for the tongue gussets to roll and create a pressure point." He says you can avoid this by spreading the tongue gussets as you tie the shoe. Complaints like this are just a drop in the bucket compared to the near-constant praise for the Moab Ventilator's comfort, even on rocky terrain and other hard surfaces.


Built to breathe. The Merrell Moab Ventilator's breathability -- thanks to mesh vents spaced around the shoe -- is another major selling point. Countless users say this shoe keeps their normally sweaty feet nice and dry. The vents mean you'll get wet if you step in water, but Chris McNamara of reports that the Moab Ventilator dries the fastest of the dozen boots they test. And users say that even when the Ventilator's wet, it doesn't feel squishy underfoot.

In a video review, McNamara points out another drawback to the Merrell's breathability and light construction: Sticks can poke through the upper when hiking in heavy brush. On the upside, Dan A. Nelson writes in The Seattle Times that his testers say the Ventilator's "soft rubber Vibram outsole sticks to nearly any trail surface." Only snow presents problems.

Owners experience great traction on most surfaces, but like many hiking boots/shoes, the Ventilators slip on wet rock. A number of users say on that the only thing keeping these shoes from perfection is their tendency to slip on wet surfaces. Others disagree: "I got caught in a downpour with large hail over a very rocky terrain and the traction over wet rock was amazing," notes one woman at


Prone to wearing out quickly. Light hiking shoes aren't known for their durability, and the Merrell Moab Ventilator is no different. "The outsole is definitely not durable. Mine was worn almost flat within 4 months of mild to moderate use," says a poster who reviews the mid-cut boot version. Others make do: "I still wear them, but the tread is worn down pretty thin," says an owner at who got five years of use from his Moab Ventilators.

Aside from an outsole that wears quickly, which is the typical trade-off for a soft, grippy tread, the biggest problem seems to be padding just inside the shoe's heel. The good news is that several users say Merrell's customer service is great, and prematurely worn-out shoes are quickly and cheerfully replaced at no cost. A number of wearers point out that if you use your own beefier insoles, the shoes will last much longer.

Of course, some owners enjoy better-than-expected performance. "These shoes have at LEAST 350+ miles of brutal Utah and Washington terrain on them, hiking through rivers, over mountains, (and) across slick rock without fail," says one on

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