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Home Gyms: Ratings of Sources

Total of 8 Sources
1. Amazon.com
As of January 2015
Home Gyms
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com has a wide selection of home gyms and an equally solid collection of user reviews. Of course, there aren't as many reviews for home gyms that cost thousands of dollars as you'll find for less expensive items. As usual, user comments are useful and often include pros and cons and insight and tips regarding assembly. Standout models have a 4.5-star or better rating.
2. Walmart.com
As of January 2015
Home Gyms
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentWalmart.com also sells a good selection of home gyms, with a focus on mid-priced to very inexpensive gyms. Bowflex, Marcy and Gold's Gym equipment is the most popular and best-reviewed, several popular models receive a lot of feedback.
3. Sears.com
As of January 2015
Home Gyms & Stations
by Contributors to Sears.com
Our AssessmentAlthough Amazon.com and Walmart.com attract more reviews overall, Sears.com is another good source for insightful user reviews of home gyms. They carry a wide variety of exercise equipment types and brands.
4. Wayfair.com
As of January 2015
Home Gyms
by Contributors to Wayfair.com
Our AssessmentThe user reviews on this retail site are usually short and to the point; occasionally, reviewers leave ratings with no comments at all. The reviews appear to be original unlike some retail sites that source their reviews from Amazon.com or the manufacturer's website. Noteworthy models have a 4-star or better average rating after at least a few user reviews.
5. DicksSportingGoods.com
As of January 2015
Home Gyms
by Contributors to DicksSportingGoods.com
Our AssessmentDick's Sporting Goods sells quite a few home gyms and home gym accessories from a wide variety of manufacturers. Customer reviews only come from Dick's shoppers, and reviewers must leave a rating (with an optional comment).
6. Viewpoints.com
As of January 2015
Home Gym Reviews
by Contributors to Viewpoints.com
Our AssessmentThis survey site collects consumer opinions regardless of where they purchased the product in question. Quite a wide range of home workout equipment is featured here, with most models gaining 10 or fewer reviews.
7. TheHomeGymCritic.com
As of January 2015
Home Gym Reviews: Guide to Finding the Best Home Gyms
by Wes McDermott
Our AssessmentFitness buff and blogger Wes McDermott runs this blog dedicated to reviewing home gyms. Most reviews are merely overviews of features, with some recommendation of what type of exerciser the home gym might be best suited for. A few reviews are from personal experience with the machine.
8. BobVila.com
Not Dated
Design a Home Gym
by Iyna Bort Caruso
Our AssessmentWhile this article doesn't discuss all-in-one home gym machines, there is an interesting discussion of how to choose the best flooring for a home gym.
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