Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

Bottom Line

The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a sliding adjustable incline bench with pulleys and bars to use your body weight to strengthen or maintain your muscles. It's not for body builders or serious fitness buffs, but novice exercisers and those who just want to keep a baseline fitness level love it. It's very compact for a home gym, and you can fold it flat for storage under a bed, but that's such a chore that many users don't bother.

ProsEasy to assemble; use, Full range of exercises, Adjusts to increase difficultyConsLimited resistance, Short warranty

Breaking it down


Good for the average fitness buff. The Weider Ultimate Body Works uses your own body weight as resistance to work your muscles. Users move themselves on a gliding board by pulling or pushing on cables. The higher the incline of the "glideboard," the greater percentage of your body weight that will be used. The Ultimate Body Works also has bungees you can attach for up to 50 pounds of additional resistance. Avid exercisers, serious fitness buffs and body builders won't be challenged, but most users describe themselves as average people who want to get or stay in shape, or just firm their muscles, without necessarily building muscle. Several owners who reviewed it after a few months of use are very happy, saying they have lost weight and are noticeably firmer.


Promises more than 50 exercises. Fans of the Weider Ultimate Body Works say you can get a full body workout, including lat pulls, leg presses, rows, pull ups, sit ups and more. However, there are no instructions on how to actually do the exercises (although the product description claims to include a card), so many reviewers recommend purchasing the Total Gym Exercise Chart (Est. $15). The Total Gym Exercise Chart (Est. $850) which we review in our As Seen on TV section, is almost identical in construction to the Ultimate Body Works, though significantly more expensive, so that chart is helpful. The incline on the Ultimate Body Works is adjustable to seven positions. It does not offer a cardio workout option.

Ease of use

Arrives nearly assembled. Users say the Weider Ultimate Body Works is very easy to set up. All you have to do is extend the bottom of the rails, attach the stabilizer to the support leg, mount foam pads on either side of the handlebar, and attach the footplate at the bottom of the rails. However, the instructions are minimal at best and some users struggled to figure out how to extend the rails. A few complain about a missing instruction manual, but it's easily accessible online. After completing your workout, the Ultimate Body Works folds flat for storage. However, because it weighs close to 80 pounds and doesn't have wheels or rollers, many users just leave it set up. Also, you have to remove the handlebar and footplate if you intend to store this home gym under most beds.


Surprisingly good build quality. Many owners were initially skeptical about purchasing the Weider Ultimate Body Works because of the low price, but came away impressed by the study, durable construction. Users say it feels solid in use, except for a few who are unhappy with having pulleys and bands instead of weights. It has a short, 90-day warranty, but since we read so few complaints of quality issues, that doesn't seem to be as big a concern as it might be. Reviews for customer service are mixed, with some older reviews panning it, but newer reviews saying the representatives are very responsive. We contacted the parent company, Icon Fitness, to ask some product-related questions, and got prompt service both by phone and by online chat.

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Wes McDermott reviews the discontinued Total Body Works 5000, which is almost identical in design to the newer model, the Weider Ultimate Body Works. He notes that it's well built and offers a good value for the price -- especially when compared to the much-more-expensive, but very similar-in-design Total Gym.