Fireproof Home Safes : Ratings of Sources

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Home Safes: Ratings of Sources

1. Honest Gun Safe Reviews, Jaime Capra,
This website contains a series of unusually in-depth articles about gun safes, including a few specific recommendations (which are usually limited to brands or a range of models, instead of one specific model). Even if you're not looking for a gun safe in particular, this is still excellent information on safes in general.
2. Best Gun Safes at Every Price Point, Richard Nance, June 4, 2013
This round-up of nine gun safes, published by an enthusiast magazine dedicated to firearms, runs the gamut from a $15 trigger lock to custom long gun safes costing several thousand dollars. They also publish a separate round-up of the best bedside gun safes, which are usually small models dedicated to keeping handguns away from children while still offering quick access.
3. Safes, Contributors to, As of July 2016
As always, is an excellent resource for frank user reviews on home safes; in one notable case, we even found a write-up from a user who'd had a fireproof box go through a fire and perform well. The most notable safes, out of more than a thousand available, get at least a 4-star average rating after 20 or more user reviews.
4. Safes, Contributors to, As of July 2016
After, is one of the better sources of user reviews about small home safes, fireproof home safes and affordable long gun safes. In some cases hundreds of safes are listed in each category, including gun safes, fire safes and portable safes. Owners can also say if they would recommend the safe to a friend.
5. Safes, Contributors to, As of July 2016
Although it might seem like an unlikely source of safe reviews, has one of the easiest-to-search listings for home safes we saw, especially for smaller models. We found quite a few useful reviews here, with the most notable safes getting an average score of 4 stars or better after at least seven user reviews.
6. Gun Safes, Contributors to, As of July 2016
The Cabela's website is a good source of user reviews on gun safes. They offer several dozen models for sale, and users tend to be fairly well informed about what they're looking for. The most notable models here get a 4-star or better average rating after seven or more thoughtful user reviews.
7. Safes & Lockboxes, Contributors to, As of July 2016
Credibility:'s reviews of home safes are a mixed bag: Some models get hundreds of user reviews, while others get only a handful or none at all. This is one of the more useful sources for reviews on very inexpensive home safes. We took a particularly close look at models that received a 4-star or better average score after at least a handful of user reviews.