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Liberty Mutual is a major player in the home-insurance market, and experts say competitive rates and online tools make it worth a look for renters in particular. The company offers a good range of discounts and add-ons, too. However, homeowners give claims experiences and customer service mixed reviews, and some common coverage types aren't available.


Speedy, 24-hour repairs. In a nationwide survey, Liberty Mutual homeowner insurance customers are generally happy with agent availability and speed of payments after claims. They give damage estimates average marks. Policyholders report slightly better experiences in another survey, saying estimates and repairs were mostly hassle-free. Expert reviewers are particularly complimentary of the company's 24-hour repair service, which can help with emergency fixes in the wake of a disaster no matter when it occurred. As with most major insurers, some customers complain of problems getting claims paid in individual reviews. Coverage is available nationwide.

  • 24-hour repair service
  • Wide range of discounts
  • Solid online resources
  • Mixed reviews for claims and service
  • Lacks some common policies


Mixed reviews for service. Customers report uneven experiences with Liberty Mutual's customer service, rating it highly in some surveys and poorly in others. Homeowners insurance premiums get average marks. Expert reviewers praise the company's extensive range of homeowner discounts, renter discounts and add-on policies, but they say some crucial types of coverage are missing, including certain policies for older homes and commercial farms and ranches. The company's website earns kudos for its quote tool and support options, which include online chat. Customers can do business online, over the phone or with local agents, and they can report claims 24 hours a day.

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