Essick AirCare MA1201 Review

Essick AirCare MA1201 Review
Bottom Line

The Essick MA1201 is a good bet for a budget-friendly whole house humidifier. Features like the automatic shut-off, check-filter message and electronic display are welcome, as is its solid overall performance.

  • Covers up to 3,600 square feet
  • Built-in humidistat
  • Easy to refill
  • Loud
  • Humidistat might not be accurate
  • Flimsy housing

Breaking it down

Ease of use

Simple design and easy-to-use controls: The Essick AirCare MA1201 whole house humidifier is an excellent pick for those looking to humidify a large space. The simple digital controls and built-in humidistat allow users to easily control the moisture level in their homes. Owners appreciate the automatic shut-off, check-filter message and the water refill light. A few reviewers claim that the humidistat is calibrated poorly, meaning that you might need to experiment with the settings to get the best results.

Moisture output

Large, easy-to-clean tank: The AirCare MA1201 is rated for up to 3,600 square feet -- nearly five times the space of a traditional tabletop model and enough to provide humidity for even a large home. We found excellent user feedback on the room coverage offered by this model. The 3.6-gallon tank allows for up to 12 gallons of moisture output per day


It's loud. Perhaps the most common complaint about the Essick MA1201 is that this evaporative humidifier is very loud. Many reviewers claim that this machine can be heard from another room. The humidifier does feature an "ultra-quiet mode," but users say that even in that mode the machine is quite noisy.


Good value, but iffy build quality: Many reviewers say the plastic housing is flimsy, but also say that in spite of the poor build quality, this humidifier performs quite well. We found some reviewers who said that the unit lasts only through a few seasons with continual use, but others seem quite pleased with the durability of this product. We also saw some accounts that the LCD control panel stopped working after just months of use. Some note that the humidifier tank requires regular cleaning, but that this model does a relatively good job at bacterial and mold growth regulation.

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