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Humidifier Rating Sources

1. Humidifier Ratings, Editors of
In this report, editors evaluate 34 tabletop humidifiers and two whole-house models. Models are rated on their moisture output, convenience, noise level, efficiency and performance when filled with hard water. There's also a buyer's guide that discusses humidifier types, features and brands, which can be viewed without a subscription. Many models are current, but some are discontinued.
2. The Best Humidifier, John Holecek, Jan. 16, 2015
Credibility: spends hours researching humidifiers, consulting other reviewers and experts in the field to find the ones that look likely to please, then puts them to the test to find the best performer and the top value. Testing is well documented and hands-on. Some alternate choices are named, and some general information about humidifiers is provided. A few readers chime in with opinions, not all of which agree with's conclusions.
3. The Hunt for the Best Humidifier, Ellen Baker and Editors of, June 14, 2015
Credibility: looks at nine humidifiers that are appropriate for a nursery and names an Editor' Choice and a Best Value model. Testing is hands on, with an emphasis on looking at issues raised in user reviews found on line. This is a top resource for those needing a humidifier for a young child's room -- and for anyone else looking for a humidifier for a small- to medium-sized room.
4. Humidifiers, Contributors to, As of October 2015
Owners at are tough to please when it comes to humidifiers. Few models with significant numbers of reviews rate very highly, though a few models earn scores of 4 stars or better following hundreds and in some cases thousands of reviews.
5. Single Room Humidifiers, Contributors to, As of October 2015
Credibility: lets customers post reviews of humidifiers they own. We don't see as much feedback on specific models of humidifiers as at, but it is easier to spot standout models that garner more than typical feedback and higher than typical ratings.
6. Humidifiers, Contributors to, As of October 2015
Most of the nearly 100 humidifiers sold at have only a handful of reviews, but a few have many more, including some with over 200 ratings. Comments tend to be brief, some include ratings for things such as value, quality and effectiveness, but other do not. Users can say if they would recommend their humidifier, but that feedback isn't tallied.
7. Humidifiers, Contributors to, As of October 2015
More than 500 humidifiers are sold through, but most of those models have no user reviews. The majority of the consumer-written reviews posted are for Kenmore models, although a few models from different makers get one or two reviews.
8. Humidifier Reviews, Contributors and Editors of, As of October 2015
Credibility: sells humidifiers and other health-related equipment, and the only ratings here are for models that the retailer carries -- mostly higher-end humidifiers from manufacturers like Air-O-Swiss, Pure Guardian and Stadler Form. Most humidifiers carry expert ratings and many have at least some user reviews. It appears that the editors have personally tested these models, and they provide a list of each humidifier's pros and cons, however their ratings and customers' ratings are sometimes at odds.
9. Humidifiers, Contributors to, As of October 2015
Credibility: lists over 200 humidifiers on its web site, though most get little feedback. On the other hand, some humidifiers get dozens of reviews. Users provide sub-ratings in addition to an overall assessment, and can say whether or not they would recommend a given humidifier to a friend.
10. Humidifiers, Contributors to, As of October 2015
Credibility: lists fewer humidifiers than, and those here get a touch less feedback, but this is still a helpful resources. Navigation is easy, and users provide sub ratings on factors such as quality, features and ease of use.
11. Health Magazine The Best Humidifiers for Dry Skin and Stuffy Sinuses, Leslie Barrie
Health magazine tests warm mist and cool mist humidifiers to name the top choices. However, testing is not described, which other models are tested are not named, and one of the top picks is discontinued.
12. Humidifiers, Vaporizers & Purifiers, Contributors to, As of October 2015
If you are looking for a humidifier for a child's room, is a good place to check for owner opinions on popular choices. The site could be a little easier to use as you need to click though to the product page to see how many reviews a rating score is based on. Some of the humidifiers here get only a handful of reviews, but a few get feedback from hundreds of owners.
13. Best Humidifiers, Contributors to, As of October 2015
Of the dozens of humidifiers listed at, most receive only one or two reviews, but a few get enough feedback to be helpful. Some models are discontinued, but many current ones are included.