Bauer Vapor XR4

Inline hockey skates

  • Great reaction/maneuverability
  • Fast bearings
  • Grippy wheels
  • Protective, heat-moldable upper
  • Mixed reviews for comfort
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Bottom line

The Bauer Vapor XR4 is a high-end skate with a mid-range price. Reviewers say its 76 mm/80 mm hi-lo setup, Labeda Millennium X-Soft wheels and ABEC 9 bearings are fast, stable and highly maneuverable. The boots are durable, offer great protection and -- for those who take the time to heat-mold them -- fit like a glove. A few reviewers wish they had more padding, though.


A fast, agile skate. Users have only good things to say about the Bauer Vapor XR4's speed, agility and responsiveness. It's definitely a great value, giving you top-end performance for a mid-range price. The boot runs about half a size large and offers great protection. "Pucks bounce right off without pain," writes one reviewer at A few complain about the boot's minimal padding (which includes a hydrophobic microfiber lining, EVA footbed and metatarsal padding on the tongue), although those who take the time to heat-mold the boot to their feet say it fits like a glove.


Hi-lo and microfiber. The Bauer Vapor XR4 comes with an aluminum chassis and hi-lo wheel setup: 76 mm wheels in the first two positions for maneuverability, and 80 mm wheels in the back for greater speed. Reviewers say the Labeda Millennium X-Soft wheels are super-grippy and will last a long time on indoor rinks, but wear quickly outside. The ABEC 9 bearings are fast and smooth, and the overall durability of the skate is great. "I couldn't be happier with my money spent," says a reviewer who has used his skates three or four times a week for a year and a half.

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About 15 reviewers give the Bauer Vapor XR4 an overall score of 4.4 stars out of 5. They give it kudos for being lightweight, tough and versatile; the only real complaint is the lack of padding on the inside.

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2. users give the Bauer XR4 inline hockey skate a near-perfect overall score in about 10 reviews. They're unanimous in their praise of its handling, although the overall comfort draws mixed reviews.

Review: Bauer XR4 Senior Inline Hockey Skates, Contributors to, As of April 2014


A handful of reviewers offer feedback on the Bauer Vapor XR4, although they don't assign it any objective ratings. The consensus is that the skates are a great value and handle well, but a few reviewers wish for more padding.

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4. Total Hockey

The Bauer Vapor XR4 is one of the most popular inline hockey skates at, even though it receives just a few user reviews. Its overall performance and foot protection receive unreserved praise, although the overall fit draws mixed reviews.

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