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K2's Alexis Boa women's inline skate is perfect for fitness users and recreational skating -- fast and responsive, but still easy to control. The soft boot's women-specific cut is comfortable, with good ankle support from the stability cuff; and the Boa lacing system, which allows you to fine-tune fit as you're skating, is a universal hit with users.


Fast, but not too fast. K2's Alexis Boa inline skates offer a fast, smooth ride -- but not so fast that intermediate users feel they might go out of control, as is the case with some higher-performance models. "Fast, but safe and easy to control the ride," writes one woman at InlineSkates.com.

It's the cut of the soft boot, however, that makes this a women-specific skate. Reviewers say the boot is comfortable and fits true to size, with good ankle support from its stability cuff. The aluminum frame provides a stable base, but another InlineSkates.com user points out that when you go over rough terrain, "you can feel it."


Quintessential fitness skate. The K2 Alexis Boa is a quintessential fitness/recreational skate, with mid-range 84 mm/80a wheels that can be upgraded to 90 mm and high-quality ILQ-7 bearings. It's also available as the K2 Alexis X Pro (Est. $160). The X Pro has slightly lesser ILQ-5 bearings and a hi-lo setup, with 80 mm wheels in front and 84 mm wheels in back for enhanced maneuverability without sacrificing speed.

Users say the Boa lacing system is quick and easy to use, and they love that you can adjust it while you skate. "The closure system has turned out to be really great because of the micro-adjusting ability," writes one woman at InlineSkates.com.

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About eight users give the Alexis 84 Boa a score of 4.8 stars out of 5 at InlineSkates.com. They're full of praise for the Boa closure system. One reviewer also says the soft boot is very comfortable, except that the top tends to cut into her calf muscle a bit.

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Approximately half a dozen InlineSkates.com users give the K2 Alexis 84 a score of 4.7 stars out of 5. They say it's easy to get going fast in these, but you don't feel like you're going to get out of control; they also praise its smooth ride and comfortable boot.

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3. Amazon.com

A handful of Amazon.com contributors give the K2 Alexis an overall rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 possible, giving them kudos for comfort and performance. One poster says that two pairs of K2 skates from the 1990s are still going strong in 2013.

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In a second listing at Amazon.com, about five customers give the Alexis Boa a score of 4.4 stars out of 5. The general consensus is that they're comfortable, although one user says she got sores on one side of her leg.

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5. Inline Planet.com

This review is of an older hi-lo model of the K2 Alexis (an updated hi-lo model, the Alexis X Pro, is still available). Although this is an older review, the K2 Alexis line has retained many of the same operating characteristics.

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