K2 Radical 100

  • Fast, smooth 100 mm wheels
  • ILQ-9 bearings
  • Comfortable soft boot
  • Reduced ankle support
  • Wheels may be too large for some
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Bottom line

K2's Radical 100 skates are built for covering long distances, with enough speed for speed skaters in training and enough comfort for fitness skaters. That said, the relatively low-cut ankle offers less support than some fitness skaters expect. The 100 mm wheels and ILQ-9 bearings offer a smooth, speedy ride, and reviewers say the K2 soft boots are comfortable, the carbon fiber base stiff and responsive.


Training for speed. The K2 Radical 100 sports a soft boot that's relatively low-cut for a general fitness skate, and a rigid, responsive carbon fiber base. The end result is a fast, smooth ride that's more supportive than your usual speed skate, but less supportive than your typical fitness skate. Reviewers report the light, well-ventilated boot fits more or less true to size, although a few say the sizing is off -- usually about a half-size large. A few reviewers, who may have been expecting typical fitness skates, are surprised that the large wheels aren't as maneuverable as smaller wheels. The K2 Radical 100 is available in both men's and women's versions.


Soft but durable. The K2 Radical 100 comes with traditional laces and instep/ankle straps to lock your foot into place, plus 100 mm/85a wheels and ILQ-9 bearings. It's also available as the K2 Radical X Boa (Est. $500), which has the Boa closure system and a hi-lo configuration with 100 mm wheels in front and 110 mm wheels in back. Either way the K2 Radical is a durable, dependable skate, whether you're training for speed skating over just skating long distances for fitness. "I have had two pairs, put THOUSANDS of miles on miles on each, and never a problem," writes one man at InlinePlanet.com.

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A handful of Amazon.com customers give the women's version of the K2 Radical 100 a perfect 5-out-of-5 score. Users say they're smooth and fast, but not as maneuverable as skates with smaller wheels; one complains that the low-cut cuff isn't supportive enough.

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A few Amazon.com reviewers rate the men's version of this skate at 4 stars out of 5 possible. Owners say they're fast and easy to get in and out of, although one reviewer reports that the hubs of his wheels cracked after about 30 miles of skating.

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