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Inline Skates: Ratings of Sources

Total of 14 Sources
1. InlineSkates.net
June 2011
Inline Skate Reviews
by Steve Kopitz, Brandon Ryan
Our AssessmentInlineSkates.net offers extensive video reviews of individual inline skates. Although there are no comparative reviews, the reviewers are clearly experienced and go into great detail about the skates' features. Each review also recommends which populations a given skate is most appropriate for.
2. YouTube.com
June 2011
Expert Review
by "icehockeywarehouse"
Our AssessmentBoth the Bauer RX:60 and Mission Axiom T.6 roller skates receive good expert reviews. Although they're not comparative, they discuss each component of the skates and how those components affect the overall performance. It's worth noting that Bauer purchased Mission in 2008, so they're essentially the same company, even though the two brands are still marketed separately.
3. Amazon.com
As of July 2011
Inline Skate User Reviews
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com doesn't have a section for inline skates; the only way to find reviews is to search. Even once you find the skates, most models don't have any comments, or have only a few write-ups. The K2 Celena women's skates have the largest number of reviews and is the same model as the K2 T:Nine Celena listed on the manufacturer's website. The bulk of comments on inline skates are on recreational models, with almost no comments or reviews on hockey models.
4. London Skaters.com
Feb. 2008
Inline Skate Reviews
by Various Contributors
Our AssessmentThere are a large number of reviews here for inline skates. However, the most recent review is from February 2008, and the majority of write-ups are for 2004 and 2005 inline skates, making this source less useful. Products are not rated or compared. Still, there's good general information here. Of particular note, the Bont Jet speedskates receive a favorable 2008 review, and are still in active production by the manufacturer. The Bont Vaypor also received an excellent review, but because the review was done on a custom build, it doesn't apply to our evaluation for Best Reviewed status. LondonSkaters.com also features a 2007 review of the Bont Semi-Race, which is also still in production, but the review is notably terse and from an inexperienced skater.
5. Inline Planet.com
March 12, 2008
Inline Skate Reviews
by Editors of InlinePlanet.com
Our AssessmentInlinePlanet.com doesn't publish comparative reviews, and the most recent review on its site is from 2008. However, the well-written if somewhat-older reviews are some of the best available on the Internet, and usually include testing, generally by two or three professional or enthusiast skaters. Write-ups cover most considerations, including comfort, ease of use and appropriateness for different types of users. There is also information here on related gear as well as skating news and articles. Skates aren't rated or ranked, but the reviews suggest that the K2 Celena are well-liked for more advanced skaters.
6. Buzzillions.com
As of July 2011
Customer/User Reviews
by Contributors to Buzzillions.com
Our AssessmentBuzzillion's field of owner reviews on inline skates is relatively slim. However, users do confirm positive feedback on several models that are picks from other review sites, including the K2 Alexis, K2 Mach 90 and K2 Celena. The Vanilla Blackmail receives mixed reviews, with users citing its light weight, speed and comfort as selling points but one complained of durability and poor support/stability. The Xsjado Avant doesn't appear in Buzzillions, but the men's version of the Rollerblade Bladerunner Pro 78 has 10 reviews and a total of 4.4 stars out of 5.
7. RunningWarehouse.com
As of July 2011
User Reviews
by Contributors to RollerWarehouse.com
Our AssessmentRoller Warehouse sells aggressive inline skates and associated products. Although there is a review system in place for the wide variety of products Roller Warehouse offers, most of the skates have either no reviews or just one or two reviews of very questionable quality, such as a single comment that "there [sic] the best bladezs [sic] I have ever used!" Some "reviews" are also obviously just comments from people who haven't yet tried the skates, but hope to have them soon. However, a couple of skates do stand out. The Xsjado Avant 2011 aggressive skates garner 11 reasonably articulate 5-star ratings, most of which describe the Avant as being very comfortable and performing well. The Razors Genesys 7.1 has more than 23 positive reviews and a 5-star rating, although the majority of the ratings proclaim excitement over the skate's looks and general enthusiasm to have the skates, as opposed to actual experience with them. The Xsjado Avant 2011 also received an excellent overview in the RollerWarehouse blog.
8. Aggressive.com
As of July 2011
User Reviews
by Contributors to AggressiveMall.com
Our AssessmentLike most online skate retailers, Aggressive Mall offers a variety of brands and lets users review the products they've purchased. However the reviews aren't immediately obvious in the product listings; you must check each product's listing individually and, even then, it's possible to miss the small links for the star ratings. Skates are ranked on a 5-star scale.
9. Total Hockey
As of July 2011
User Reviews
by Contributors to Total Hockey
Our AssessmentLike most specialized inline retail sites, there aren't many user reviews posted on Total Hockey. However the Bauer Vapor RX:25 scores with the most reviews and a perfect 5-out-of-5 star rating. The Mission Axiom T.6 and Bauer Vapor RX:60 each both received a single 5-star review as well. In the world of inline skates, any user reviews are noteworthy, but a single review isn't enough to qualify the Axion T.6 and RX:60 skates as picks.
10. The Wall Street Journal
Oct. 25, 2007
Skates for Newbies, Klutzes
by Anjali Athavaley
Our AssessmentThis short article covers five inline skate models, with very short write-ups. Although we're not sure who did the testing, each pair of skates does appear to have been taken for a spin. The inline skates aren't rated or ranked, however. Featured, but not scored, are the K2 T:Nine Celena and Moto 90, the Rollerblade Activa 4.0 and Crossfire 4.0, and the World Class Skate EZ Terminator.
11. About.com
June 2011
Inline Skating
by Carlesa Williams
Our AssessmentWe didn't find any reviews here for inline skates, but this is an interesting destination for learning about the sport in general. Along with news about competitions, there are skating tips and some information on buying considerations. No particular inline skates are recommended or reviewed.
12. LowPriceSkates.com
As of July 2011
User Reviews
by Contributors to LowPriceSkates.com
Our AssessmentAlthough LowPriceSkates.com isn't as slick-looking as some of the other retail/review sites and only carries a few types of skates, it boasts an impressive number of user reviews. Users have the choice of just rating the skates on a 5-star scale, or writing an additional review. The Vanilla Blackmail received an average rating of 4.5 stars after 120 ratings and 30 reviews.
13. Skates.com
As of July 2011
User Reviews
by Contributors to Skates.com
Our AssessmentSkates.com offers an extremely wide variety of skates, which might explain why no particular inline skate stands out as the best overall. However, the Vanilla Blackmail does emerge as a front-runner with 4.5 out of 5 stars possible after four reviews. Although we'd usually require more reviews to consider this a pick, no other speed skate received as many reviews. Skates.com also has ratings for hockey skates, but none of the models stood out from the others.
14. HockeyMonkey.com
As of July 2011
User Reviews
by Contributors to HockeyMonkey.com
Our AssessmentLike most retail sites, Hockey Monkey allows users to rate products on a 5-star scale. Of the few models with more than a handful of reviews, the Mission Axiom T.6 stands out for its 4.5-star average rating from a mixture of competitive athletes and enthusiasts. Positive points included comfort, support, protection and versatility for use in both offense and defense. The only other skates to get anywhere near as many reviews, plus the 4.5-star rating, were all Mission brands, including the Soldier, Lieutenant and CSX. Of these, the Axiom T.6 is the only one still in production. The Bauer Vapor RX:60 also crops up here again, with two 5-star ratings, and the Bauer RX:25 gets five 5-star reviews. This might have qualified the RX:25 pick on another site, but thanks to the overall number of reviewers, five ratings isn't as significant a margin on Hockey Monkey as with other inline skating websites.
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