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Inline Skates: Ratings of Sources

Total of 15 Sources
1. InlineSkates.com
As of April 2014
Inline Skates
by Contributors to InlineSkates.com
Our AssessmentFormerly InlineSkates.net, this retail site now provides its feedback in the form of user reviews, instead of the video reviews it previously offered. Standout models have a score of at least 4.5 stars after a minimum of five user reviews.
2. YouTube.com
As of April 2014
Inline and Ice Warehouse YouTube Channel Trailer
by "icehockeywarehouse"
Our AssessmentThese video reviews are not comparative, and since they're from a hockey retailer, they are understandably positive and focus on the skates' features. However, the reviews do a good job of calling out features and skates when they really are top of the line.
3. Inline Planet.com
March 12, 2008
Reviews & Previews
by Editors of InlinePlanet.com
Our AssessmentInlinePlanet.com doesn't publish comparative reviews, and the most recent review on its site is from 2008. However, the well-written if somewhat-older reviews are some of the best available on the Internet, and usually include testing, generally by two or three professional or enthusiast skaters. This is also one of the few sites that publishes reviews of inline skate wheels.
4. InlineWarehouse.com
As of April 2014
Inline Skates
by Contributors to InlineWarehouse.com
Our AssessmentThis inline-skate retailer accumulates feedback from shoppers, but without numerical ratings. The upside is that those who do comment are usually well-informed about their skates' features and performance. Standout models receive all-positive comments from at least three reviewers.
5. RollerWarehouse.com
As of April 2014
Aggressive Skates
by Contributors to RollerWarehouse.com
Our AssessmentRollerWarehouse.com sells aggressive inline skates and associated products. There aren't very many reviews here, but most of those who do comment have useful insight to offer. Standout skates have a score of 4.5 stars or better after at least five user reviews. There are fewer reviews of wheels, but two models get a perfect score after three helpful reviews.
6. Aggressive Mall
As of April 2014
Complete Skates
by Contributors to AggressiveMall.com
Our AssessmentLike most online skate retailers, AggressiveMall.com offers a variety of brands and lets users review the products they have purchased. The reviews are hard to find, but owners sometimes offer useful commentary about performance and durability. The two standout skate models both receive 4.8-star scores after a half-dozen user reviews. Notable wheels have at least a 4.7-star score after five or more user reviews, except for Ground Control 42 mm anti-rocker wheels, which get a 4-star score after more than 40 user reviews.
7. Amazon.com
As of April 2014
Inline Skates
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com usually offers a wealth of user reviews, but inline skates garner relatively few. The top skate at this site from last year, the K2 Celena, is no longer available through Amazon.com, and children's models are by far the most popular. Standouts have a score of at least 4.5 stars after 10 user reviews.
8. HockeyGiant.com
As of April 2014
Inline Hockey Skates
by Contributors to HockeyGiant.com
Our AssessmentHockeyGiant.com sells both ice and inline skates and related equipment. Reviews are scarce, but there are enough to make two models stand out with perfect 5-star scores after at least seven user reviews.
9. Total Hockey
As of April 2014
Inline Skates Reviews
by Contributors to TotalHockey.com
Our AssessmentLike most specialized inline retail sites, there aren't many user reviews posted on TotalHockey.com. Notable models have a 4-star or better rating and unanimously positive user reviews, if even just a handful.
10. Walmart.com
As of April 2014
In-Line Skates
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentWalmart.com has a decent spread of inline skates, although they don't stock the most expensive or specialized models. Standouts here get a 4.3-star or better score after at least five user reviews.
11. DicksSportingGoods.com
As of April 2014
Inline & Roller Skates
by Contributors to DicksSportingGoods.com
Our AssessmentDicksSportingGoods.com sells a selection of inline skates for all ages, including a few aggressive and hockey models. The children's skates are the most popular; standout models garner a score of 4.5 stars or better after at least 10 user reviews.
12. Sports Authority
As of April 2014
Inline & Roller Skates
by Contributors to SportsAuthority.com
Our AssessmentAlthough SportsAuthority.com sells a pretty good range of inline skates, they don't accumulate many reviews. Just one model stands out with a 4.5-star rating after more than five user reviews.
13. About.com
June 2011
Inline Skating
by Carlesa Williams
Our AssessmentWe didn't find any reviews here for inline skates, but this is an interesting destination for learning about the sport in general. Along with news about competitions, there are skating tips and information on buying considerations. No particular inline skates are recommended or reviewed.
14. LowPriceSkates.com
As of April 2014
Inline Skates
by Contributors to LowPriceSkates.com
Our AssessmentAlthough LowPriceSkates.com isn't as slick-looking as some of the other retail/review sites and only carries a few types of skates, it boasts an impressive number of user reviews. Users have the choice of just rating the skates on a five-star scale or writing an additional review. Standout models receive a 4-star score or better after at least 20 user ratings, or come with at least a handful of helpful user reviews.
15. HockeyMonkey.com
As of April 2014
Inline Hockey Skates
by Contributors to HockeyMonkey.com
Our AssessmentHockeyMonkey.com sells a wide variety of inline hockey skates. Most get only a few shopper reviews; standout models have a 4.5-star or better review after at least five user ratings. Wheels receive at least four user reviews and a 4.5-star or better score.
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