California Baby Natural Bug Blend Bug Repellent

  • Effective at repelling fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies
  • Tolerable scent
  • Not for children under 6 months
  • Must be reapplied frequently
  • No lab tests

Bottom line

California Baby Natural Bug Blend is a popular choice for parents opting for a plant-based product to keep mosquitoes and other insects away. This repellent doesn't have an offensive scent, but it also isn't the most effective and has to be reapplied constantly. Alternatively, you can try our best reviewed repellent for children, Bite Blocker Organic Xtreme Insect Spray (Est. $9 for 6.7 oz.) .


Works well on most, but you'll need to reapply often. California Baby Natural Bug Blend is an herbal insect repellent (citronella-based) that many consumers say works well to stave off mosquitoes. There aren't any lab tests as to its effectiveness, however, and some consumers claim the product doesn't work at all or is only effective if reapplied once every hour or two. While California Baby Natural Bug Blend gets mostly positive consumer reviews, it's difficult to gage its effectiveness given the wide range of responses ("Works great!" vs. "Doesn't work at all!").

It's a top choice of parents who want to keep mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other bugs off their kids (advised for 6 months and up) without exposing them to chemicals like DEET One reviewer says California Baby Natural Bug Blend works better in drier climates than in the humid south; others say it is effective in bug-infested areas.

Feel and smell

Mild texture and scent. California Baby Natural Bug Blend gets surprisingly positive comments for its feel and odor, both of which are usually major drawbacks for insect repellents. The spray is so light and mild that many say it doesn't leave a film, although it can start to get greasy if you find yourself needing to reapply several times an hour.

Consumers have described the scent as "light grassy-lemon" and "woodsy citronella" and the texture as gentle. It also absorbs quickly. "I have very sensitive kids and this has never bothered their skins or [made] them break out," notes one customer. California Baby Natural Bug Blend will sting if it gets in your eyes, so as with most insect repellents, avoid spraying it directly onto your (or your kid's) face.

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