Ace Royal

Cheap interior paint

  • Strong value among cheap paints
  • Performance compares to pricier brands
  • Durable when scrubbed
  • Not a low-VOC paint
  • No one-coat promise
  • Finish not as rich as pricier paints
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Bottom line

If you're on a tight budget, reviewers say Ace Royal is a great choice. Professionals and do-it-yourselfers posting on contractor forums say its performance rivals that of many pricier brands, and expert tests indicate that it's very durable when scrubbed aggressively. It doesn't offer as rich of a finish as pricier brands, and you may need to apply more coats, but it's a solid value in the budget category.


Respectable performance; low price point. Professional house painters usually scorn cheap interior paints, but Ace Royal earns praise from pros and amateurs who post on Internet message boards for its performance. While it's not going to provide as rich of a finish as the most expensive of paints available, Royal can outshine many brands that cost $30 per gallon or more. It overcomes another pitfall usually associated with cheap paint: ease of application. Users say it goes on easy, dries quickly and leaves little splatter. Reviewer opinion varies on coverage, though most say it's pretty good considering its low price tag, though realistically you can expect to have to apply multiple coats, especially if you're hiding dark colors.


High resistance to scrubbing. Reviewers say Ace Royal interior paint does a great job of holding up against aggressive cleaning, doing a good job of resisting gloss change and stains. In tests at Good Housekeeping Research Institute, however, editors say it tends to scratch easily so it may not be the best choice for high-traffic rooms. According to expert sources, it's resistant to mildew.


Not low-VOC. Ace Royal contains 100 to 150 grams per liter -- depending on the type of sheen formulation -- of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which have been linked to respiratory and other health problems. It isn't marketed as a low-VOC paint, though it meets the federal regulatory standards, but barely meets California's stricter standards. While the general consensus is that the less VOCs the better, we've spotted no consistent or specific health concerns from contractors who post at professional forums.

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Our Sources

1. tests most interior paints on the market, including Ace Royal in various types of sheens. Products here are rated on a variety of categories including how well they hide dark colors as well as resist sticking and wear and tear.

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2. Good Housekeeping

Ace Royal interior paint ranks favorably in this roundup of best paints as tested by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. Editors give it a letter grade of A-minus. Analysis is brief, though based on hands-on testing. A list of pros and cons accompanies a cursory write-up.

Review: Ace Royal Interior Paint, Editors of Good Housekeeping, Not Dated


Throughout this discussion board is a wealth of advice and opinion from painting professionals as well as do-it-yourselfers. Ace Royal is well received by many, and a lot of contributors say it's a good paint for the money.

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4. Contractor Talk is another solid source of feedback from professional contractors and painters. Ace Royal paint gets mostly good reports from professionals here. Many say it performs just as well as more expensive paints, though with its share of caveats.

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