Benjamin Moore Regal Classic

Est. $40 per gallon
May 2014
by ConsumerSearch
Benjamin Moore Regal

  • Great value
  • Good two-coat coverage
  • Exceptionally fade-resistant
  • Not a low-VOC paint
  • No one-coat promise
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Bottom line

Benjamin Moore Regal Classic interior paint is a top choice among both professional painters and other experts because it offers an excellent value. It's not considered a top-of-the-line paint because it doesn't have all the selling points, such as one-hour drying times, one-coat promises or low-VOC content -- most say the results it delivers are just as good, but it'll cost you much less. It's part of Benjamin Moore's Regal line, which includes the Regal Select (Est. $50).


Regal Classic can hang with the king. Benjamin Moore Regal Classic doesn't promise to dry in one hour, like some pricey paints, but that can be a good thing. Many professional painters who post on contractor-oriented discussion boards actually prefer this over the lightning-fast drying times of other top-of-the-line interior paints. The reason is ease of use -- if you don't finish painting the entire wall before the one-hour paint begins to dry, you'll end up with an uneven or sometimes mottled look. And although Regal Classic won't give a perfect finish in one coat -- experts say most paints won't anyway -- it covers well enough that two coats should be plenty, say most reviewers. Regal Classic dries evenly, with a smooth nonsticky finish.


Resists scrubbing and fading. Benjamin Moore Regal Classic is particularly durable, and reviewers say it holds up well against scrubbing when cleaned and is especially fade-resistant. Independent tests indicate the Regal line doesn't excel at resisting oil-based or water-based stains. Editors at Good Housekeeping disagree, however, saying Benjamin Moore Regal should be largely resistant to water. They add that it proves resistant to fading in a test where it was exposed to UV light.


Not for the green-conscience. Benjamin Moore Regal Classic contains more volatile organic compounds (VOCs) -- the chemicals found in most paints that have been linked to health problems -- than some higher-end paints. The Regal Classic flat and matte sheens contain 100 grams per liter; the other sheens 150 grams per liter. Although it's not a low-VOC interior paint, most painters and homeowners say they were able to use the paint without it causing them harm, even some who are particularly irritated by paint fumes. If low-VOC content is a priority, another Benjamin Moore Regal Select (Est. $50) is worth a look because it's similar in performance to the Regal Classic. 

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1. reviews Benjamin Moore Regal Select -- the newest formulation of the "classic" Regal line -- in eggshell, though flat and semi-gloss lusters are also tested elsewhere. While the "select" formulation is a bit different from the "classic", that difference is miniscule in reality, and analysis here is still relevant.

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2. Good Housekeeping

Editors of Good Housekeeping review Benjamin Moore Regal Select, a low-VOC variation of Regal Classic. While it's different from Regal Classic on a few marks, you can expect it to perform similarly to Regal Classic, which makes this a relevant review. It earns a letter grade of A-plus.

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Benjamin Moore Regal is one of the favorite paints on this discussion forum. Several users recommend Regal over using the pricier step-up paint, Benjamin Moore Aura, saying Regal costs less but applies just as well.

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Here you can find lots of discussion of interior paints by experienced contractors and do-it-yourselfers. In one forum thread in particular, professionals reveal which interior paint they'd choose if they could paint with only one for the rest of their lives; three chose Benjamin Moore Regal.

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5. Contractor Talk

While many posters on this professional-oriented discussion site laud Benjamin Moore Aura, many say Benjamin Moore Regal is cheaper and works just as well.

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There is a lot of in-depth discussion of interior paints by professional contractors as Top brands of paints are often compared and contrasted with each other, and feedback from users seems to be sincere and knowledgeable. Benjamin Moore Regal is seen as a top choice.

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