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Interior Paint: Ratings of Sources

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Interior Paints
by Editors of
Our AssessmentEditors test 67 interior paints at for surface smoothness and ease of cleaning, as well as their ability to dry without stickiness, hide the color underneath, stunt mildew growth, resist stains, retain gloss and color and withstand scrubbing with abrasives. Testing here is competent. Editors group interior paints by three different sheen levels (flat and matte, low-luster, and semi-gloss), and recommendations are made. Two models particularly stand out, earning the only Best Buy designations.
2. Good Housekeeping
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Interior Paint Reviews
by Editors of Good Housekeeping
Our AssessmentGood Housekeeping editors test 40 interior paints, assigning each a "letter grade." Testing here is hands-on, and products are evaluated on a handful of marks including ease of application, long-term durability and resistance to fading, spatter resistance, color consistency and more. Each paint receives a succinct --yet woefully brief -- write-up, along with a list of pros and cons.
3. J.D. Power & Associates
April 16, 2013
2013 Interior Paint Satisfaction Study
by Editors of J.D. Power & Associates
Our AssessmentMarket research firm J.D. Power & Associates surveys more than 6,800 customers about interior paints they have used over the previous year. Thirteen popular paint brands are compared, and products from Benjamin Moore rank the highest among consumers, earning top marks on four of six categories: application, durability, product offerings and design guides. Paints from Sherwin-Williams come in second, and Behr ranks third.
4. The New York Times
Feb. 10, 2010
Finally, Good-Looking Nontoxic Paint?
by Stephen Treffinger
Our AssessmentStephen Treffinger says he tested 10 low- or no-VOC paint brands, but he discusses only the six that perform the best. He talks about how well each one applies, how well each covers black and red permanent marker and how easily he can clean smudges off the fully dried and cured paint. Paints from Farrow & Ball, Yolo, Safecoat, Benjamin Moore, Mythic and Stark make the cut. This is an older review, but the paints have not changed.
5. Popular Mechanics
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Low-Odor Indoor Paints That Stop Headaches: Abusive Lab Test
by Erin McCarthy
Our AssessmentErin McCarthy tests three low- or no-VOC paints at, judging their odor, coverage and how many strokes with sandpaper it takes to sand off a coat. One of the paints tested is discontinued as of 2011, however, as indicated by an update in this undated piece. Benjamin Moore Aura -- a low-VOC paint beats the "green" paint from Mythic on coverage and durability, but has a much stronger odor.
All About Interior Paint
by Sal Vaglica
Our AssessmentSpanning 20 pages, this slideshow piece for This Old House magazine offers readers a crash course on interior paint, where writer Sal Vaglica names his top three picks. Among them, Sherwin-Williams Duration takes the cake, earning the "Best" nod. While there's plenty of useful information here, analysis is a bit cursory, at least compared to other expert reviews we've spotted.
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Best Interior Paint
by Lee Wallender
Our AssessmentLee Wallender,'s guide to home renovations, recommends three brands of interior paint: Ralph Lauren, Pratt & Lambert and Benjamin Moore. Wallender specifically mentions Benjamin Moore Aura (citing a ConsumerSearch report on that paint), as well as the Pratt & Lambert Accolade and RedSeal series. This write-up is short, however, and only very briefly describes how the paints perform.
As of May 2014
Painting. Both Interior and Exterior Surfaces
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentThis user-to-user discussion forum is a great place to get firsthand recommendations and advice regarding paints and painting. Feedback stems from the opinions of dedicated homeowners, active and retired home contractors and painters, and there's enough discussion about most major paint brands to see which ones seem to leave the most users satisfied. It's worth noting that higher-end Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams paints seem to be top choices among the most experienced contributors.
As of May 2014
General Painting Discussion
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentIf you're looking for professional painters' opinions of a brand of paint, you can probably find it here. Pro painters engage in very detailed, helpful discussions of brands and product lines. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams paints are the overwhelming favorites. Discussion and feedback here is relevant, as many threads in this forum are recently created. You may need to do some browsing to find the exact information you need, however.
10. Contractor Talk
As of May 2014
Sub-Forums: Painting and Finish Work
by Contributors to
Our is a solid resource for opinions of professional contractors on many brands of interior paint. Contributors appear to be experienced and eager to answer questions. Many of the latest threads were created very recently so discussion is relevant.
As of May 2014
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentDo-it-yourselfers and painting pros post here on all topics paint-related. Contributors prefer various brands of interior paint, but products from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, as well as the ultra-expensive Farrow & Ball, stand out. There are many recent posts, as well as pages and pages of older comments to browse through.
12. DIY Chatroom
As of May 2014
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentSimilar to other online forums, consists of feedback from a mix of professionals, retailers and homeowners on brands of paint as well as the job of painting. Experienced contributors echo the same theme through many months of postings: You get what you pay for. As with other forums, paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams seem to earn the most praise. Discussion here is relevant, as many of the threads are recent.

Best interior paint

Benjamin Moore Aura
Benjamin Moore Aura

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