Cox Cable

*Est. $42 per month
April 2013
by ConsumerSearch

Best cable broadband ISP

  • Includes Cox security suite
  • Good customer satisfaction
  • PowerBoost increases speeds for some downloads
  • Not available in all areas
  • Lower ratings for technical support

Bottom Line

Cox Cable provides reliable Internet service primarily in the Midwest, as well as some areas along the East and West coasts. Its basic plan has speeds comparable to its competitors while the Ultimate package offers an impressive 150 Mbps download speed. Cox is highly rated by its subscribers for reliability and customer support, but gets mixed reviews for technical support.

Plans and Speed

Sometimes faster than advertised. The basic plan includes 3 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed. Consumers can choose from higher-speed plans and PowerBoost, which offers faster downloads to some accounts when the bandwidth is available. The fastest package is the Ultimate (*Est. $100 per month), with a download speed of 150 Mbps and 20 Mbps upload. The editors of like Cox Cable's high speed, which third-party tests show is often faster than the advertised rates.


Security software included. All Cox subscribers receive 10 email accounts with 2 GB of storage each. Other free features include antivirus tools, online backup with a minimum of 1 GB for the basic plan and a subscription to Nick Jr. Boost, an online education site for kids.

Unlike Verizon FiOS, Cox's Internet security suite comes free with each plan and offers protection for up to five computers. The software includes McAfee family protection to monitor and limit your child's Internet use. Free Wi-Fi access through Cox hotspots is available to customers with top-tier packages in Virginia and Connecticut. Use the PowerBoost tool when downloading large files for a temporary increase in speed.

Customer Satisfaction

Top scores in the West. Subscribers speak highly of Cox's Internet services in general and customer support is available 24/7. Cox Cable is the highest rated Internet service provider in the West in J.D. Power's 2012 Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Study.

In that survey, more than 20,000 respondents generally give Cox high marks for overall satisfaction, billing, performance and reliability and customer service. However, the company rates just average in cost of service in the East and loses some marks in the South for performance and reliability. At, users give Cox a 73 percent score for customer satisfaction for the last six months, much lower than its competitors. Cox's technical support gets mixed feedback from subscribers.

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