*Est. $22 per month for dial-up; $30 per month for DSL
April 2013
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earthlink ISP

Best ISP for DSL and dial-up

  • Eight email accounts
  • Internet security features
  • Accelerator for faster-loading web pages
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Poor technical support

Bottom Line

EarthLink's dial-up and DSL Internet services are fairly well reviewed. Their basic dial-up service features an accelerator tool for downloading graphics and text. DSL packages start at 768 Kbps download speeds. Customers find EarthLink's Internet services to be reliable, but complain about its customer and technical support.

Plans and Speed

DSL speed is competitive. EarthLink's basic dial-up package comes with unlimited 56 Kbps download and uploads, plus a free accelerator. The standard DSL package offers download speeds from 768 Kbps up to 7 Mbps, and free dial-up to use when you're away from your phone line. The top-tier DSL service of 5 Mbps costs up to $50 per month. EarthLink's DSL plans get respectable ratings among DSL providers at, although its scores are much lower than Verizon FiOS and Wow! Cable.


Eight email addresses and web space. You need an active home phone line to access EarthLink's DSL service, and a free high-speed modem is provided to DSL customers. calls EarthLink DSL "an ISP that has seen better days," giving it a score of 7.2 out of 10 because its customer and technical support is sometimes outsourced. However, site editors say EarthLink has more access numbers than other dial-up providers.

If you subscribe to any of EarthLink's services, you receive eight email addresses, each with 100 MB of storage space. You also have access to anonymous email addresses to hide your real address, and 10 MB of web space lets you create your own website. All EarthLink Internet subscribers, whatever their service package, receive the Protection Control Center security suite. This includes all the usual security tools including antivirus, anti-spyware and rootkit protection features. In addition, all users have access to 24/7 phone, chat and web support.

Customer Satisfaction

Pleased with reliability. More than 400 customers give EarthLink DSL an average rating of about 75 percent at They praise the reliability of the service but complain about its speed and customer service.

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