Verizon DSL

*Est. $20 per month and up
April 2013
by ConsumerSearch
Verizon DSL

  • Nine email accounts
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Wi-Fi access available with more expensive plans
  • Not available in all areas
  • Internet security software costs $10 extra per month

Bottom Line

Verizon DSL provides a reliable Internet service that covers much of the United States. While its two top packages offer fast speeds, they're only available in portions of Verizon's coverage area. Features include free access to ESPN3 and 5,000 Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide. Customers are generally satisfied with Verizon as a company, but its technical support draws some complaints.

Plans and Speed

Low upload speeds. Verizon DSL packages start at speeds of 0.5 to 1 Mbps for downloading and 768 Kbps for uploading. Above this basic package are three tiers of "high-speed Internet enhanced" packages, with the fastest service enabling downloads up to 15 Mbps but still with the 768 Kbps upload speed (*Est. $30 per month). The top two tiers are only available in some parts of the Verizon coverage area.


Free access to ESPN3. Verizon's DSL high-speed Internet service comes with free email, 24/7 support and space to host your own website. Wi-Fi access via Verizon hotspots is included in the top-tier plans. All Verizon subscribers receive free access to EPSN3, but DSL subscribers must pay an extra $10 per month for Internet security protection.

The Internet security suite is powered by McAfee and includes anti-phishing, anti-spam and two-way firewall protection for PC users among other safety features; Mac users have a subset of these features. Verizon's security suite also includes online backup and sharing of files from desktop, laptop and mobile devices, up to a total of 50 GB of storage space. Premium technical support costs extra.

Customer Satisfaction

Technical support a problem. As a company, Verizon ranks highly in the East, West and South in the extensive Internet customer survey published by J.D. Power and Associates. However, the report doesn't distinguish between Verizon FiOS and DSL services, so it's unclear how Verizon DSL would rate on its own.

Customers at give Verizon DSL a lower-than-average six-month score of about 60 percent. The company's ratings are highest for connection reliability and value, but lowest in technical support. Verizon DSL also doesn't fare well in's 2012 customer satisfaction survey of ISPs, receiving the lowest marks possible for online and home customer support.

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