Verizon FiOS

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April 2013
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Verizon FiOS

Best ISP

  • High customer satisfaction
  • Fast
  • Free installation
  • Nine email accounts
  • Limited availability
  • More expensive than cable ISPs
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Bottom Line

Verizon FiOS ranks near the top among Internet service providers for reliability and speed. It's not available everywhere, but if you can get it in your area, experts say this fiber optic service is the way to go. Coverage is concentrated in the Northeast, with limited availability elsewhere. Verizon FiOS dominates customer satisfaction surveys and draws positive comments in user reviews. The basic download speed is 15 Mbps, with speeds up to 300 Mbps available as monthly plans.

Plans and Speed

The fastest download speeds available. Verizon FiOS's speeds range from a base download speed of 15 Mbps to an impressive 300 Mbps with FiOS Quantum (*Est. $220 per month) . Upload speeds range from 5 Mbps to 65 Mbps. While experts say some cable ISPs can now deliver speeds at the low end of this range, Verizon FiOS is still much faster than any DSL service.

Verizon FiOS consistently provides high-speed access to the Internet in third-party tests, and agrees. At, subscribers comment on connection, reliability and technical support among other criteria and consistently rate Verizon FiOS above 80 percent for the last six months. Some professional reviews lump Verizon FiOS in with Verizon's DSL and mobile Internet services, however, so their results don't give an accurate picture of FiOS's speed.


Nine email accounts. Verizon FiOS subscribers get nine free email accounts with their service plan, each with 2 GB of space for messages. Users also have free Wi-Fi access at more than 5,000 Verizon hotspots nationwide. Each package includes 10 MB of web hosting storage and access to 24/7 customer support. Yet reviewers and customers dislike that Verizon's Internet security suite comes at an additional cost (*Est. $10 per month).

Prices can be reduced if you bundle your Internet service with TV and/or home phone service, and you can get free gifts such as a $100 prepaid Visa card if you sign a two-year contract. A mobile app is available for FiOS that lets you stream live video to your iPad when you're at home.

Customer Satisfaction

Dominates reviews. Customers give Verizon FiOS the highest ratings of any Internet service. Its average customer score at over the past six months is 83 percent, earning FiOS a Gold Award. Verizon FiOS earns the best grades overall in a readers' survey at, handily beating out Wow! and Cox Cable, and winning a Readers' Choice Award. Users praise FiOS for its ease of setup and reliability, and are very satisfied with any repairs that were needed.

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